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That was pretty funny, can't wait to see more :D
scratch that next comic coming never
next comic coming in 2015
No pun intended with the sudden portal being a plothole.
Space Farm Dance Party

Best Sound Efeects Since 2010
@Jarkes Good eye, the panel 7 joke was on purpose. :D

It's been about a year since I've actually made an actual sprite comic such as this, so I should've expected my work would come off as rusty. And to be honest, anything before this point was created when I was 9. Even though english is my first language, I still don't have a very good grasp of it. D:

Also, if you noticed, there were like 4-5 different plotlines that I just didn't want to do anymore. This 'reboot' could be considered the first plotline on this webcomic if I ever finish it.

Thanks for speaking your mind, it helps me improve. :D
Little known fact is that in panel 7, there's a secret message written in the same color as the background.
not sure what to put here

A.K.A. Doctor Pyspy bends logic at his will to create false accusations of his location.

reuploaded because wrong category
everything was expensive
Oh well, I forgot about this comic anyway.

It's a shame it had to end, though. Everybody had a better way of conveying their humor than me.
Here lies SFDP.

It was a disaster and died a virgin.

now of course if i want to revive it imma have to get into witchcraft

Nobody get's in the way of George's bab-


I mean nobody get's in the way of the law.
@Smiffy SMF <3 durrhurr I don't know if I have posted the next comic yet, but I made George get buried where the grave was. So yeah. He didn't get to dig up anything.
Yes. Plot twist. My character is buried alive with money and a new villain is afoot. In other news, underground money grave numbers are rising by the minute.
Also, I would like to point out that everything is not what it seems in this comic right here...[evil maniacal laugh]