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the gavin
I like bike rideing and playing video games.Also I like soccer and comic making.
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I made this a long time ago but never posted it ,but check out the updates to Creg the hedgehog.
Back For Good
This comic is coming back with a bang. I have a lot of free time until my birthday so I decided to resume this comic. I've gotten better at spriteing and I'm gonna try not to disappoint. I've read every comment for this comic (Yes even yours) and message and readers have been asking what sonic character will play Yoshi. Originally I wanted to just have Yoshi play himself but now I'm not sure. In other news good news and bad news. Good news I have a new high-tech laptop with a touchscreen and lots of memory. Bad news I didn't manage to save all the sprites from my (now broken) old laptop but I still have everything I need to continue this comic.
Just a basic intro page.
@Super Bluey: Don't you mean two continents.
The comic will be going on a break for a while but will come back in better quality with an actual story.
Happy 4th of july
They should call it fireworks day.
Happy 4th of july
They should call it fireworks day.
@comicboy: I wasn't gonna have them go to the sonic world i was just gonna have them find out why they were sonic characters and eventually turn back into humans.
@comicboy: That style sounds interesting.
@BlueyKid: He was scared but any normal person would be scared in a ghost mansion.
@BlueyKid: Luigi was only really a coward in the rpg games.
@jakeroo123: I didn't think Sonic would really fit as being Mario he's more similar to Luigi and Sonic is more serious when he's stopping villans.
@jakeroo123: Are you saying that Tails should be Luigi or that Knuckles should be Luigi and I think the characters fit well as they are now.
@comicboy: sorry for lack of updates i'll try to make at least one comic a week.
@BlueyKid: Tails dosent have to be luigi just because their both sidekicks and why would knuckles be yoshi there nothing alike?
@jakeroo123: Everyone would expect Sonic to be Mario, this is more original. I always thought Mario took things more seriously than Luigi.
@dangernoah2: He doesn't need to be a villan he's just gonna represent bowser.
I tried to make my own amy princess peach. I think it turned out good.
@nyancat6650: Then you need glasses.
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