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Thanks to everyone helping me bring you new pages each weekday by supporting the comic through my Patreon campaign! : D Even $1 a month is a big help to me, and those able to pitch in at higher levels can even get unique A* rewards sent directly from me each and every month! F'r'instance, here's a sketch I got to send to a reader one recent month for their support at the $10 level:

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Thank you all very much! I couldn't make this comic without you!!
The IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica uses scores of optical sensors buried 2 km under the ice to look for flashes of light caused by highly charged particles moving through the ice at faster than the normal speed of light in that medium, a phenomenon known as Cherenkov radiation.

These flashes that far below the surface almost certainly result only from impacts of high-energy neutrinos, which are capable of passing right through the Earth without hitting anything at all—but once in a while, one does, and a new BBC article describes how, last year, IceCube detected the trail of a very high energy neutrino that scientists have now tracked all the way back to a 100 million solar mass supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy 4 billion light years away, "just off the shoulder of the constellation Orion."

It's the first direct evidence showing high energy neutrinos can come from supermassive black holes!
I may not have had enough fun while drawing today's page in pencil, so I had to have twice as much fun while painting it! : o
sleepty tyme yah
I'm now accepting artwork commissions. : o My commissions page has the details! (Short version: I charge $25/hr.)
Here's a sketch I got to send to a reader for the help they send me easily and automatically every month through my Patreon campaign ^_^:

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At the $10 level you get a new sketch from me each month! But even just $1 a month is a big help. : ) Thanks everyone who's helping me out through Patreon!
Having Wednesdays off is kind of nice. Oh well back to work for just two days. ^_^
I'm off for the 4th of July holiday here in the States tomorrow, where we celebrate our freedom from tyranny, and remember what it takes to preserve that freedom!
On my morning perambulation today I saw goats, llamas, horses, ducks, turtles, and a hawk! : D
I owe a big thanks to those lovely folks helping me make the comic by supporting it through my Patreon campaign—especially for sticking with it through the time I took off for the move! I couldn't do this comic without you guys and I really appreciate all your patience and support. : D

Even $1 a month is a big help, and those donating at higher levels can get uniquely A* rewards sent right from me, for instance here's a sketch I got to send to a reader for their support:

<img alt="Image" src="">

Thank you very much for your help! : D
Hey let's catch up on some <s>space</s> brain news:

- A start-up company says it will one day be able to scan people's brains to preserve their memories, although the process will be "100% fatal"

- Scientists kept decapitated pig brains alive for up to 36 hours

- Scientists claim to have transferred memory of painful conditioning from one group of snails to another by injecting nervous system RNA from conditioned snails into snails that hadn't undergone the conditioning: afterward, the injected snails responded to the conditioning stimuli as if they had already been conditioned; the scientists say this debunks the long-held idea that memories are stored at the synapses.
Been having a little too much fun taking extended hikes to explore the new town. Saw two Cooper's hawks circling on updrafts today. Tomorrow's jaunt is just the mile hike over the hill to the remarkably large supermarket (it has a post office inside it! : DD), but Friday will be hunting down the fabled local ice cream shoppe. : d
Trying to have more fun with the art. 'Cause life's too short, ya know?
Thought I'd try doing some big dark areas--takes multiple layers in watercolor, or, at least, that's the way that seems to yield the best results. Just gotta be patient and wait a bit for them to dry sometimes! : P
Got distracted breaking small Windows functions while trying to fix a goofy warning window that pops up every time I use my ancient version of Photoshop in this shiny new(ish) Windows 10 my laptop has. ; ) Now I'll be happy if I can just fix the thing I broke. One potential solution in progress, one more still to try if that one doesn't pan out! : P
Think I'm gonna open up art commissions in a couple weeks. : o
Apparently over the break I forgot how not to overdo things--first attempt at this page turned, eventually, into a pile of mush. ; ) So here you see take two!

And I did come up with a list of things I'd meant to blog about after all this time--the first and most important of which is thanking people! Thanks to the folks who sent me well-wishes for the move and all, and thanks anew to those who gave me a warm welcome this week upon my return to webcomic-ing! It's been really great and has made me even happier and more excited to be getting back into the swing of things--and if there's a page I end up having to do over here and there along the way, well, hey, there's a bonus learning experience. ; )

So again, thanks, it's good to be back to the ol' daily wrestling with webcomics. ^_^
Hey an actual A* page, I remembered how to do it, mostly. : D Today's only new apartment surprise was a bit of a mid-afternoon fluster about humidity levels in my bedroom (aka the only way steam can get out of my bathroom after a shower), where my thirsty watercolor paper and pages were stored--the outer ones, as well as a few comic books I brought with me and had in there--were beginning to feel distinctly floppier than they had been. : o So! Paper things relocated to drier areas. Smarty!

My internet bandwidth here is significantly lower than it was at my old place (also significantly cheaper--free, even! : D); I'm still streaming daily art creation on Twitch, but it'll be slightly chunkier... In fact some sort of problem developed with the streaming later in today's painting process and I'm not sure how much of that got through at all... Hm. More to figure out there, I guess! : P

I will also probably just let the stream stream and not try to catch people's comments and stop what I'm doing to write out replies on Post-It! Notes; that was kind of fun but it was also a distraction from the main task at hand, ie making a cool comic page, so I'm gonna try to go cold turkey on the chat and just concentrate on the drawing and painting. Thanks to everyone who did take the time to make comments there in the past! It cheered me up and some fun times were had. : )

There's probably a ton of other stuff I've meant to tell you about now that I'm back from that big break to move across the state, but darned if my brain can isolate more bits of it just now. Let's see what it can filter out by tomorrow! Also another new A* page, hopefully fewer adventures in humidity, and gosh knows what else (how many creepy crawlies did I corral in the studio today? hm just two I think... Wasn't rainy outside today, maybe that had something to do with it) will happen in the crazy adventure we'll call Wednesday.
After getting lost on Friday, the electrician was here in my new apartment today and got me properly grounded power, and heat : D. All that fun took a good chunk of the afternoon, though, so I don't actually have a new *drawn* page to kick off the long-awaited episode 34 after my break to move across the state, but at least we have the episode's title page, so, we're committed. ; )

Should be able to sit down and draw an actual page tomorrow! In the meantime, I give you the shady character what terrorizes dandelions in my new front yard:

<img alt="Image" src="" border="0" hspace="0">

That's the end of episode 33! And it's the start of my summer break here, to get rid of a lot of silly things and move the rest of them across the state to somewhere much more affordable where I can keep making A*. : D I expect to be up and running on episode 34—in which Selenis may hit a bump in the galactic road on her way home from this snowy excursion we've just seen—by some time in the week of June the 11th, but I guess you never know what might happen, so keep an eye on my Twitter (@smbhax), where I'll post any status updates in the interim.

I won't be painting any new A* pages during this break, but I will be catching up on rewards for those lovely folks making all this possible through my Patreon campaign : D. For instance, here's a sketch I got to send to one of them for their support:

<img alt="Image" src="" border="0" hspace="0">

Thank you! : D

If you're catching this article before mid-May, you might still be able to snag some of the last new A* watercolor page paintings off my eBay at their special low one-week just-off-the-drawing-table prices. For my move, I'll be auctioning off a few non-A* items through that eBay account too, so uh I guess stay tuned there if you're interested in picking up any old import Sega Dreamcast games and peripherals. : o : )

Well that's it! Thank for reading, and I'll see you when A* starts back up from its new home in eastern Washington in June! ^_^