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I am a spoon. As you all know, spoons are practical, but I am different since I'm not at all that practical.

I like critters, surrealistic imagery, androgyny, grotesque things and well-dressed gentlemen.
@volatileAnarchy: ah yes, I was a homesticker once.
Hee, such a nonchalant way of introducing yourself :3c
Guest comic by Miisa! Visit her website here:
She also has a webcomic, Gore! Check it out!
(as a note, Harvestman has spiracles on the sides of his body, so he can't choke! He'll just feel uncomfortable.)

Unfortunately, the hiatus is still on-going, but just so you know that I'm not dead and the comic isn't buried! Let's just say it's having a brief hibernation, hahaha.
(I'll try not to let it become "regular-length" winter hibernation.)
Oh, I'm physically in good health, but I'm not sure about mental health.

I appreciate your concern!

I'm not sure how long this will last but let's hope it won't be long.
@Hundchen: Thank you! The artwork of the icon is by MayLamorro:
@George: This is the best possible feedback I could get when people pick up my comic! Insects, arachnids and other arthropods are very beneficial creatures, not to mention most of the animal kingdom consists of them and they are thus vital to the ecosystem so we should give them more respect!
Anyway, especially overcoming fears, that's awesome!

Thanks for your comment!
Well, there's this:
A guest comic by NK!

Check out her blog here:
oh, whoops! I changed my tumblr url:

I might have forgotten to edit any links that lead to it.
This comic also features a guest character, Giraude the giraffe weevil, created by Barrelcompany. r-facelesshorror

Other characters that show up are Ms. Jackson the lynx spider, an unnamed hobo spider; Nurse Pendragon the Scolopendra centipede nurse, an old katydid man and Mrs. Poole the flea lady.
November 18th, 2011

Actually, Harvestman's describing a bird. xD
November 18th, 2011
@Mythee: Scapegrace is a cellar spider!
Aaa I'm glad this evokes such an emotional response!

Oh man, the names... Well, I asked people for suggestions if I remember correctly... Scapegrace felt like such a fitting name at the time, hahaha. Harvestman and Crane's names are somewhat more obvious.
November 16th, 2011
For once, Scapegrace doesn't startle his friends when he shows up out of nowhere!
She's surprisingly tolerant with his shenanigans. xD
@Ripple: Well, that sounds disturbing. @_@
Yay! You noticed!
One of the greenest comics I've drawn in a while. (Using green every now and then is quite refreshing!)

Also, sleeping bees are the cutest darn thing ever. onus

like this, apparently. xD