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hey guys! sorry for the delay. like i said, stuff has been going on and i sort of lost track of time. i'll be dishing out a lot more pages after otakon is over so expect at least three new pages by tuesday! (if i'm not overwhelmed by work zzz) here is a little thank you gift for sticking around~

btw are any of you going to otakon?? maybe even cosplaying? i will be! owo
i have returned! i apologize for be missing... a lot is going on right now, but i shall start back up after otakon is over!!!
hungry hungry tooru
okay so you're not gonna believe me but during my sudden absence i somehow lost my tablet! yeah, i know...i'm such an idiot. its the size of a freakin notebook and i still managed to lose it! but i finally found it and i apologize for the long wait! i'll start dishing out new pages soon!
wow umm i do apologize for the long wait things came up and i was hitting a major art block but i'm fine now so expect a couple of updates in the upcoming week!
@jade75081: don't worry, its not the deadly kind!
Onward to the first page of chapter two! Sorry for the wait! I also colored it for you guys! owo
@too lazy to log in: we're also talking about animals turning into humans so there's not much logic to begin with...
I have successfully completed chapter one! This calls for a celebration! !!
hugs are always A+ in my book
and with that, chapter one is complete! i'm so glad i redid this page before posting it...the original was so rushed and awful!
@usagiichigo: thank you! and yeah i hope that's the only reason lol

@That purple monster: please keep me company!!!
one more paaage!!! final page will be posted at 1 PM(eastern time)! !!
MMMM tears
it's lonely here since no one really comments...。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。
zzz so close to the end
sorry for the wait! finals are on tuesday so i've been studying.