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Coin Operated Boy
I like coins
Omfg, Harry potteeeeer~ I MUST JOIN!! *Sketches character*

Btw, people in this collab is freaking funny XD~~ Lawl, i can read all the pages over and over again, and still laught!
Omg, how did he do that?! xDDD~
Updatewhore <3
*Is so going to molest him* D'aaw, now i need to make an seme! <33
I love redheads <3
My favorite if the third panel~ I want to know how he even got his hand up there :} !

Oh my god, rat poison?! I really hope she'll be okay ! >_< Did you take her to the pet-doctor??
Armando - Whoa indeed xD Hello!

Itoshii - Weeeeh, happy birhtday!! XD
*Btw, Edward is drunk* XD
Oh, and thanks for the link to more crew-stuff! XD

Now, i must learn how to make character pages in HTML.. Dammit xD
*Fangirl scream* Cuuuute! >3< <3<3
I love Areno's face xD He is such a rapist
Waiii, i did this, without reference, or anything~~!
But Rashed looks weird T-T Help?

And no, hair doesn't care about gravity 8D
Lol XD !
Stupid Edward, doesn't he believe in the shark people?! They will get their revenge, one day..
XD Sea cow
Everyone loves update whores.. Update whores makes my anti-drug 8D

Did he eat a horse o_O ?! Is that why Posidon is angry at him? LOL~ XD Awesome! I must make a reply soon >.< Just have some homework i need to be done with first...
Wahahahahhhh XD !! Pinchy~
He doesn't look amused in the fourth panel x'D
I'm going to be busy with school for a while,
so my updates will be a bit slow XD BUT I WONT DIE~ 8D
Lawl~ XD

How do we attract more authors? >3> Do you know someone we can invite?
Oh, i really do enjoy your shading *-* I wish i could shade too~

Itoshii - And we aren't even full yet XD There is going to be lots of pirates~
I wonder what he would to, if he lost an eye.. Maybe he woudn't sleep at all XD
Hn, about 5,3' feet XD
The name is 'The Great Fortune', hence the name of the collab XD
Can't wait to see! 0.0 I'll stay up aaaall night and wait..!
LOL XD No, tears doesn't care about gravity! Gravity sucks :E Deeptroath
The.. Ear? I don't think i get what you mean D: Please explain :3 !
Yaoi for fangirls, is like honey for a bee..
Or something.
*Is trying to make more people join xD*

I fail at yaoi.. >3> I copied this from a manga
Edward: D:c .. *Bitchslap*