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I'm not as talented as friend clorin spats, however, I do love to write, read, and paint...

My occupation is a writer n I looooooove what I do, you could probably find some of the things that I do in books and hanging around the Internet if you know where to look...

I'm often the one kicking clorin spats in the butt to get her to do stuff, n I do know her in real life...

Gosh, I think that's all I have to say at this point...

ENJOY!!!! Ta-ta my duckies!!!!!

Whoah...sooooooo cute ^^
O.o Wait, he's talking to the bear? Does he need a doctor too? *swipes hand on forehead*
HOPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And thank you for saving from eternally wondering what would happen!!!!!
I'm so sorry about your dog. RIP Puddin :(
...Sadly enough, I would probably do the same thing... :(
That will hurt come morning~ ^^
I think it's better now. I haven't been able to access it for the past few days either...but now it seems to be working again...

Welcome back ^^
Poor Slinky... :(

I used to think my toys were alive and I hated leaving them for school. So I gave them an "evil" babysitter--actually she was a doll from my grandmother that I hate I think and I called her evil cuz she looked like it. She reminded me of Vicky from Fairly Odd Parents...
Yup. You're know when you're screwed when you're surrounded by cat people walkin' on two legs...

:> I have no words <3
Haha, I see Ed in the background~ ^^
Another point if he breaks her heart at least once through the thing~ ^^
Ohhhh, I see! Well, good luck to you all the same :) I imagine it's not an easy major...
It's a christmas miracle! Lol, seriously, I'm so glad you're back, if just for a little while :)

Btw, what social work? Is that your major? (or was it Biology?) I'm only being nosy because social work is my major and that makes me excited :D
I just went back and reread the whole thing: LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!!!!
I just noticed...DT chillin' on Atty's shoulder <3 How long has he been doin' that or am I just really clueless? 0_o