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Well... Mostly doing this for the Secret Santa :3

I celebrate Christmas religiously as a Protestant, and hope it's not too much to ask for a religious picture if you feel comfortable drawing one! :3

I do have a character that represents me "Broken" A puma
And here is her annoyingly extensive sheet :3
My favorite people in the whole world are my dogs Eve & Xavier they are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.


My fave Christmas story is Christmas Carol :3 I sit and read it with Eve * Xavier with a cup of Tea ^.^

I hope that gives out plenty of ideas!
*Runs off to have some more tea*
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Dun Dun Duuun!!!

I love it Molly-sama! This is sooooo cute! My babies love reading with me! We all curled up on the couch this season and I read it to them... yet I read to my dogs XD
Let's Do It Again!
I hope you had a Merry Christmas Casper! I was your Secret Santa :3 I love your characters! They are fun! ^.^
I am so glad you liked your gift!!
Oh Wow!
Oh Wow! That is all I could say at first :3
Thank you to my SS I absolutely LOVE this!!! Thank you sooooo much!!! It is now my desk top <3 Merry Christmas!!
Haha Nice. Though one has to wonder what the sparks are that seem to be going into Tommy's head... crazy mad cow thing.
yes... ignore me haha
Horrid Child
I eat brats like that for breakfast! little wench >>
If only
Oh geez if Dake only knew! >D