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Hello and the names Haru!~ I love to draw and from a sujection by a friend lead me to this site and I have loved it ever sense. I know it may look like I don't do much here but My comics my have just stoped or am currently not active, though there is one that is, "Pika*Academy".

I will do my best to keep up with "Spongebob Yaoipants" but I do have college so few things get piroity number one first.

I apologize for the delays, I will do better to keep up with everything from now on.

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@Yookami: I will draw this now >w> <w< Ohhh the love of it all >w<!!!!

Well i love that you do, it is really creative and very interesting, The depth is something we need for our characters its something that is fun and exciting. You better get to talking with him/her, it would be a special appearance and something that we could look forward to in the future of PA (but no rush, i forget all the time XDXDXD)
@Yookami: -read then allows self to freak out- akjflasiejmlaskfjlaegjvlar.fvjasdfljafjieljlsdfas I will find my way to that tail if it is the last thing I do qwq -pictures creepin' Pik following Apollo playing catch tail- sooo cute >O<

And Wow!! you have so much depth into him I really enjoy it !! And that will make for a fantastic background, Defiantly makes me want to learn more about Apollo, And I love that you when from a friends! Do they have any connection other then being a clone?
@Kiku-chan: Thank you :D lol This one it bad though.. so it will be improved DX lol and yes it can! But will it? ya know?
@Anapona: Heheh I am glad you like it >w<
And I would love to see that :D I love things that are hand drawn!!! >w<I am an oldie like that
-just posted on previous picture then sees this and falls out of bed-
My life is complete!!!!! God it makes me so happy!! As much as I wanted to replay I decided to end the meeting in stead( but deturmaind to have the two speak again!) This just makes me soooo happy I wish i could hug you right now!!

-hugs at computer-
Omfg He looks soo pretty D::::::::::::::: I gaze at the computer and drool.

I love his design and he looks so handsome!!!He is hard to resit! I wont Skipp out on the opportunity to make him and Pik friends >:3

And if I may ask be for I freak out! This that his hair or its that a tail OwO?
Panels below my friends! :D
Just have to kiss people to settle them down >w> ( I hope I got Brede accurate!)

Panel one-V
Brede:(In thought:"This is.....dangerous")

Panel two-V
Raimon:"There we go."


Panel three-V
Raimon:"Now lets see about getting you to class."

Panel four-V
Brede:(In thought:"Why is he acting so casual..?")".."

Raimon:"Your in 11th Grade right?

Panel five-V
Brede:(In thought:"Kissing is...")


Panel six-V
Raimon:"You have nothing to worry about my dear. I know this school inside out."

Brede:(In thought:"..nothing..")

Panel seven-V
Raimon"Trust me."

Brede:(In thought:"..casual.")

Raimon:"I wont lead you in the wrong direction."

Panel eight-V
Brede:(In thought:"What game is this..")


Panel ten-V

Oh snap! Yes I did that >:D!! There is a Snivy in the school!!

Okay let me explain.. Raimon character is going to be giving a few changes, Seithel(or Selly for short) is Raimon's first pokemon. He love's Selly as he is his pride and joy! But one thing about Raimon is he refuses to have Selly changed. Thought the male has a new found affection and goal to get as much humanoid pokemon as possible ;3 ; Selly is different and he wants him to remain the same. Well Selly wants to change and become one and hints to it a lot but Raimon will never agree to it.

Now as for this in a school of Humans and humanoid pokemon normal Pokemon aren't allow. They can still affect the humanoid pokemon and cause to many disturbances. Well as bad as Raimon is he snuck Selly to the dorms to stay with him while going to this school but Selly has a tendency of always wanting to be beside Raimon, not to mention has an extreme jealously issue towards anyone around him, humanoid pokemon especially!

So I thought I would throw that in there for some fun >:D I can't wait for anyone who will jump in and I really can't wait for Kiku's replay to this! I will be so excited I wont be able to sleep.

Please don't hesitate to do anything >:D but know that Seithel will bit is someone touches his Raimon >;3

(I will post an image of the two soon, and Selly is wearing a handkerchief like Raimon but blue )
Read here for Panels
Okay here it is !! I have this one half way colored but I have to post now! So here it is :3

Panel one-V
Brede:"Stop.. please.."

Raimon:"Well isn't this just cute.."

(Beeping noises in the back ground)

Panel two-V
Raimon:"You know you don't go out dud doors. You should rrreally rread the signs dear."

(Beeping noises in the back ground)

Panel three-V
Brede:"You "KNOW" you don't have to be such a prick about it and point it out nicely instead.(Jeez)"

Raimon:"Thanks Scrruffy."


(Beeping has stoped and arrow points to note on door saying:" wild note appears")

Panel four-V
Brede:"So rude."

Panel five-V
Raimon:"Seems that your a bit of a snob when it comes to taking a kindness from a stranger. If ya ask me your the rrrude one.."

(note on door saids:"DON"T OPEN DOOR BROKEN")

Panel six-V
Raimon:"Then again I don't mind that Mi..."


Panel seven-V

That is the final script for that page, I usually write what will be there then improve it but its improvements are the colored version, so I do again apologize DX

I hope you all like this and you Kiku >w< I have been threw so many revisions of just his page alone D: I hope this one was the right choice!

I added a janitor XDXD I kept thinking of futurama and his name is Scruffy now >w> lol

Raimon's character is changing (is back ground that is) He is still the same but he has been apart of the school for a long time and knows it inside out!! He also knows all the staff and try to get involved more with new activities going on. He has been everywhere you can say; kinda grew up open to the idea of this new type of pokemon. :D
Improved and Better!!
I have to say I am really proud of this it came out a lot better then the first! I will change the first one one of this later on since I have some incorrect spelling and it all bury like(that and I changed the chairs and table) XD

Okay! As for the next two posts they will not be colored until later on, I will get them done as fast as possible I promise!! I shouldn't go over time so I will not!! I apologize that I have and I wont let it happen again.

I hope you all like this :3 I really do .>w<. it makes me a happy camper lol

Well as for that I will end this and post up the last two things!! :D
Sorry took so long guys seems my computer went wack and saved none of finished colored pages DX I just want to hit it >3> But never fear!! I am getting them done :DDDD I hope you all like it, its not professional but it is my first time coloring a comic page so I will improve. Again I hope you like it :D and the next 3 pages will be on shortly!!
@Mission^666: Thank you very much dear, I appreciate your wiliness to help! Thank you very much!
He is just magnificent QwQ And too damn cute!! I like the coloring on him and on his arms I like it a lot :3 it always give him character and omfg a tail D:::::::::::::::::: ....(you shouldn't have said that >w> kukuku Eloise is going to have too much fun)

and btw -glomps- Its soooo good to see you back Blackbolt!!!!!
Been Sick
Hello everyone!Chimaera_avon computer is in the shop so she was unable to post come her turn. I apologize that I have not mentioned it sooner but I have been sick recently and I have been unable to come to the computer. I will be posting soon though and getting the flow back in order :D I have to say thank you to everyone who has come back!! I am very happy you are here and with us and seeing Blackbolt's post made me even more happy and hopful that we soon will have everyone back :D

Again I apologize for the delay in post but it should be up in a few days. I will be sending out reminders on pms to everyone from now on about their turn! I can't wait for PA to get running and thank you all once again:D

Note:Changed! I have improved my art! And color skills! I hope you enjoy this little piece of sexy ;3 Hehe I will have the other pages up by tomorrow :3 Apologizes for the wait
@Kiku-chan: I have fixed all your status on the website, you should be able to post :3
Oh dear jesus that is just hilarious!!!XDXDXD
I love that, now we have an alarm for the school this will be fun >:3
@Kiku-chan: That is good to here :D I cannot wait to see it as well dear! and yes he just might >:3 it will be very fun>w>
@Mission^666: Thank you dear :D I appreciate that :D!! your doing a lot of hard work so thank you
Alrightly dear, I will do so :3 But I can only give her a week sense the time was set to a week basis on the Posting order, Unless it was changed O3O -goes to look-
-spazzes out- He is just wonderful!!!!!!!! I am in love with this pokemon D::::::::::
His personality is everything I need to make him even more of a "girl" >:D Hehe Too bad that is Eloise's quality, but Ramion will have a swing his way. I love to mix the colors >:3

I will enjoy him very much!! As well as eveyone else I am sure,
Thank you Mission^666 for helping Kiku-Chan to post :3.
That will not go unlooked :D -gives a cookie-

Will there be anymore :3?? Because if not I will contact chimaera_avon so that they may post next.

Thank you very much again :D
Oh dear Jesus yes! (~'D')~

That is just perfect .>w<. and very sweet of your Mission^666
I think you just made the holiday extra special for us all :3 ..Cause its hard to argue with dem faces >///>