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lies. Everything written on the page is a lie, he ain't gon give up that cursh and teh other one totally likes cock. Lawl
huh, so far this comic is just like how my boyfriend and I met and started our relationship. We've been together like this for 2 and a half years now.
Hope this helps with the bird trouble
I don't know about Amazons but my Blue Princess bites when he wants my attention, is jealous that I gave attention to something other than him or I have rearranged something in his cage or the room. But the best way to teach them to stop when it's for attention or jealousy is to put them back in the cage for a 5-10 min time out. Also I have noticed if you handle them at the same time every day that eliminates fear (which is the reason most parrots bite) because they come to expect it. With other birds they get bored with the everyday routine and resort to... you guessed it! biting! So all in all, you need to figure out your birds' personality and the reasoning behind his bites (you can usually tell by how hard s/he bites and what is happening before the bite) before you can effectively put a stop to the biting.

EDIT: Another thing that reduces biting is to just set the bird atop its cage and let it come to you. Even when my Princesses wings were clipped he managed to climb his way across the room to me. Playing hard to get really does work, but you have to give in or else you may get a bite that means "pay attention to me woman!"

SECOND EDIT: birds also bite when they don't feel to well, so if s/he is on an all seed diet give 'em some fruit or switch to pellets. Eating seed every day is like eating Mcdonalds every day and makes them their tummies hurt.

Also, penis medallion.
quiet boy! your job is to stand there an' look prettyful DX<

and she did have it commin' if I were Gail I would have done that a long time ago XP
ahahaha, don't mind me but in Australian (mainly Queensland) slang root means your gonna/are/want to have 'intercourse' with someone and there are all these comments saying 'aww poor guy, I was rooting for him to' ehehe

but again don't mind me XP and I feel sorry for him, but I also have to admire that random twist in the plot cuz I thought (like in next to all comics) the guy woul dget the girl *shrugs*

one more thing, on the page where they kissed I remember reading a comment where someone said something like 'thats so cute but I can't help but think something bad is gonna happen' well props to that person XD

okay time for me to go back to my hole *poof*
uhm... an even hotter version of pink? *has a thing for fancey lookin peoplez* 8D
wow... I timed finishing that other comic so well... anywho, amazing as always and YES FIRST COMMENT!!! >8U
whoo some Dake and Tommy love~ XD <3 I like the new layout btw =P
in the background, the guy with white in his hair and the orange haired one... are they the guys from cats & dogs? cuz it looks like it to me ^^'
yayz!! I've missed the cuteness that is Ariel =3
4th pannle = liquid win in pannel form
last pannle = pure win
someones paranoid... >.> <.<
OMG I really wanna steal your style TT-TT *bricked*

anywho, amazing as usual I see 8D
wow mager role switch yes?

P.S. Davids expression in the second last pannle = pure win
random fact: I love this comic 8D
so much for being useful...
whoo! go Ben!! finally you do something useful!! (lol didn't mean it I love ya Ben 8D)
everytime you update I feel like doing the happy dance 8D