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hello hello, i be mike, I am a friend of Shlee, whose comic is Sus4life, which is a great comic, and the reason my average ratings given is 4.96 is cuz, i can laugh at anything, but i can still professionally critique serious comics, but mostly i read non-serious comics and they all amuse me much :D
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February 1st, 2006
im loving the quotes every page. oh and hte comic :P lol very very good
well they look a hella lot like chopstick tits to me too
theres a heart on the chicks bike
aye, just a wee bit..
i must say detective fork is looking damn dapper in that trench coat
lmao that was good
THOSE DUDES LOOK A WHOLE CRAP LOAD LIKE ME AND WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
once again, that was gold

edit: but wait... if you look closely enough at the turtles wee hands, it looks like they're indenting the boombox as if it was a blow up balloon! O.o
that was gold.
oh and question: wouldnt the batteries on his walkman run out? O.o
great comic once again :D
awesome work peeps, but link, alex did spell it right, according to the canadian spelling, its spelled theatre :P ANYWHO good job guys
being the hippy i am...
i think you should all listen to let it be, by the beatles. who cares if people are asses? just let it be, so what if yer 65th in the standings, this is a great comic, so just let it be. keep the updates coming guys, and pay heed to doktaluv's words.
holy fuck-tarts

EDIT: you were wrong, sid. that frikkin did NOT need to be said!!
u are awesome, this comic is uber!!
i love this stuff, u are amazing!!
yeah i rate em really high, but cuz they're really good to me, not cuz nobody told me to.. ah crapp that was a double negative.. no one told me to boost anything, its very very good :D
its me again :P
HA lmao awesome, i love yer clouds.. and yer BORDER... and yer comic :D uber all around XD