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Ball Buster
I'm a karate instructor by day, a writer by afternoon, and a comic artist when I have time left over.

My favorite color is blue.
My favorite game is God Hand.
That's all I can think of right now.
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    A. S. Blanke
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Over your head, you say? Uh oh!

Well, the Doc has a very subdued sense of humor. If it puts things in perspective, I'm inspired by dumb jokes like this:
What did George Washington say to his men before crossing the Delaware? "Everybody get on the boat."

Thanks for hanging around, though. : ] I think you'll get used to this strange little world soon enough.
A Girl, A Boy and His Glasses Part 1
Sorry for going MIA. I've been busy with other things.

What makes this a special episode? I'm going to tell the exact same story 3 times, but with a different ending each time. This is the Bad Ending.

Also,I'll crack the riddle of Doc's shirt:

Billy Mays + Devil May Cry = Billy May Cry.
I was skeptical at first, just because of the photos instead of drawings, but I'm over that. The writing is brilliant. I love how out of sync the man and machine are.

I've got the same kind of laptop. I wonder if it has the same personality chip.
This one made me smile. =D

Another one you could try is the Apple logo + a dairy product. Mac and cheese.
Words to Live By
I recommend using Dr. Blanke's last words on this page in everyday life. The ladies'll love it. Probably.

Yeah, I know, you're thinking, "But Ball Buster, that's one of the crappiest lines I ever heard." Son, the beauty of pickup lines is, the worst ones are actually the best ones. Just like puns.
A Secret Message
If you look long and hard in the first panel, off to the right, you can see a nude shot of Satura.
A Rival's Arrival
The girl's name is Satura. The girl on the last page was Chroma.

And Satura is definitely NOT CHROMA'S SISTER. Don't let the identical hair color fool you. Don't let the red herring that is her accent fool you. Don't fall for the fact that she wears skimpy costumes when she pilots her super robot, just like Chroma. Never mind how both of their names relate to color. Pay no mind to how she bought her shades at Shady Deals, just like Chroma. Forget the fact that the older sibling is always evil and more cool-looking. They are maybe kinda definitely probably not sisters, understood?
Not your average avatar.
Artists tend to draw themselves smarter, sexier, cooler and more successful than they really are. I'm not one of those people.

Case in point: Dr. Blanke can build a robot by himself, but can't even set up a straight-lined counter.