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Enigma The Hedgehog
My hobbies include:writing fanfics, making sprite comics, reading manga and fanfics, playing video games. My occupation right now is a student/fanfic author.
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    Jonathin Taylor
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Gotta love it.
All of it.
I need more.
I think Nightmare may need to see a chiropractor, that back breaker looked like it hurt.
The kind that'll never get to bang. =3
I agree she does do a badass air guitar and I'd say Sonata Artica~!
Hehe, I just love how things seem to be going for poor Rasputin so far~ Also Tatters has got to be the coolest girl-in-a-closet ever~!
When I master the Master Sword I'm going to town. On Zelda's upsisde down Trifroce with one in the brown.
Damn....that's a lot of whoopass...
Haha. Ma that Sonic and his crazy schemes.....note to self steal copy of Sonic the Hedgehog Galaxy....
.....fugging awesome! I can't believe that you took care of it.
Just one of the many pictures I found around on the net.
>Glandor:Dream of being better than you teammates before waking up to see Faite standing over you. Then make a mental note to kill the person responsible for the boulder that knocked you out.
After reading that my resolve has been set. I'll work harder from here on.