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I love him o-o he owns a cat <3 xD

Love your art ^w^
Oooooooooooooo <3 yay I am in love <333
The third little panel makes my heart break xD *huggles him*
uh oh O.O run DX
Love the expressions in the last panel xD
awwww I feel so bad for her ;3;
uh oh D= *waits, somewhat scared*
omg...this made my day so much xD Thank you
He looks so zoned out in the last panel xD
omg I finally made it through it all xD yay update! *celebrates*

Your fantastic x3
This page made me cry ;3;
Not the reaction I was expecting O.O
This page is so awesome xD

*waits patiently for update* 0w0 love this comic x3
omg xD
I agree with Janonii....butler lips are cute xD
April 25th, 2014
xD poor girls
This page made me laugh so much xD
She has some damn good aim xD
I love vegeta so much <3 this is a great comic so far! *waits for more patiently* =D
awww poor guy looks so tired xD

*waits patiently for next page* 0w0