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I love him o-o he owns a cat <3 xD

Love your art ^w^
Oooooooooooooo <3 yay I am in love <333
The third little panel makes my heart break xD *huggles him*
uh oh O.O run DX
Love the expressions in the last panel xD
awwww I feel so bad for her ;3;
uh oh D= *waits, somewhat scared*
omg...this made my day so much xD Thank you
He looks so zoned out in the last panel xD
omg I finally made it through it all xD yay update! *celebrates*

Your fantastic x3
This page made me cry ;3;
Not the reaction I was expecting O.O
This page is so awesome xD

*waits patiently for update* 0w0 love this comic x3
omg xD
I agree with Janonii....butler lips are cute xD
April 25th, 2014
xD poor girls
This page made me laugh so much xD
She has some damn good aim xD
awww poor guy looks so tired xD

*waits patiently for next page* 0w0
I'm already addicted to this comic <3