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September 17th, 2011
I dont think it's her point that's annoying, i think its because we only ever see her pissed. Like she has every right to be pissed but we've only ever seen around a couple of pages of her being happy, so yeah, she's getting annoying.
I love everything they're saying but Acid Monday, if you haven't read is fabulous and it's finished, the author is working on other stuff too so I'm sure they'll be just as good. Paradox is another fave. I would love to see the mowhawk XD Hardcore. Ooo! Teahouse is good too, and its beautiful, like stunning artwork.
Great job, really, i love this so much, i was so excited for updates and i just read it through again XD and i loved the ending :D
I really love how you aged them, i feel like some artists, myself included sometimes, can't take a child and turn them into an adult, but i think you did an awesome job. :D
Cheesieness is the best ;D
<3 I love this comic!
August 23rd, 2010
I'm so excited, and i must admit, the whole native thing is rly origional.
The next button is broken! He better not have gotten someone else.
omg! Happy Birthday FS!
I love the pannel with the big blush, hes so adorable.
Its beautiful! I love the expressions and the colour of shiratori's hair, he looks so intense, good job! I can't wait for the next page, I don't wannt this to end!
omg!!! i'm so pumped!! i love you art ^.^ , I hate nose peircings >.< , but thats okay! <3 I still love the comic!
does david have amnesia? i think i'll cry!
My faveorite comic over :'( i cant wait to see more of your work!! :D
His last roommate was ATRACTIVE XD anyway awesome page... I love David :) <3
I love the chibi Micky :D
please dont use that font... i found it hard to read (but thats probably just me being fail)
i hate michael >.<
i love the murray thing :D
I love Ren <3
I love the last pannel, his expression is perfect :)