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Animation student, games artist and comics enthusiast. After KCT, I am really willing to do another series, so let´s se if i can get to it.
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@Loverofpiggies: Sure thing! I´ll make you know when it´s rolling ;)
@Hitsujikai: Oh man. Now i´m on her death list DX
cheer up emo boy XD
@Loverofpiggies: Nice! Good that i could pass on my feelings ;) By the way, soon i´ll be doing a comic as well, hope you can drop by eventually and give some first impressions ;)
@Loverofpiggies: Yeah, i could see that you changed the style of your works to make the story even better (and that´s awesome. It´s no use to get stuck on a stage of your work because someone liked it, thus making the same thing again and again), it´s a matter of time for you to get the best of this new style.

The "characters grew up" thing is just because of the change. ;)

About the progression of the story, i think that´s what happened. There was this sudden change of pace; We´ll be always here reading, you can take your time =D

And i think that´s why i tought it was fan-service; so many emotions exposed so quickly...

And that´s one hell long comment, thanks for reading ;)
Allow me some criticism? Surelly your new way of taking the characters is improving. But, i liked the previous style more; it was so fluid and and funny while progressing steadly with the story... Now i think all the characters kind of grew up out of nothing, and pages with tons of speech (and almost no jokes) become abundant. It´s like the story itself is abruptly cut, from a funny/lovely history to a fanservice-driven scheme.
That´s my opnion tough. I´ll be glad to hear opnion of others too ;)
Your color choices are really nice. Loved the tone in that Louie-chip conversation =D
@MySiliconSoul: Your comics are very touching, really brings a fresh vision to the site =)
Mindflux history? Interesting =D Also i like the last panel very much ;)
The artwork is neat, you really could try and get it scanned ;D
I like this very much. Looks like a designer work ;)
hehee this girl is so creative XD