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Mission 01: COMPLETE
And with that, we mark the end of Mission 01 of Paracite Knights! Mission 02 will start soon, but also keep an eye out for more information regarding this chapter, coming soon! Thank you for reading! ( ´ ◡ ` )・゚✧
And here we go again, starting things up with Chapter Ten! I have to say, I was pretty excited to put Silas on the cover of this one. I haven't really done many pieces of him in color at all!
Oh hey, it's that dude from the Anniversary art!
@Guest: Whoops, sorry about that! It's in there now. I didn't realize I'd skipped a page, so thank you for pointing it out!
Happy One Year, everybody! Ahvia and I each did pictures featuring the main cast celebrating! BONUS look at a character who has not been introduced yet! Who is this mysterious man? Find out in the next year of Paracite Knights!

Click here for high res of Ahvia's Anniversary Image!
Click here for high res of Kasey's Anniversary Image!
HEY guys! The next page is actually too big to fit on Smackjeeves (because it's got an ANIMATED SURPRISE), so go to to read it!
Aw man, I know it's not actually even sort of the date on here, but tomorrow will mark four years since I started making this comic! DANG that is a long time.
Whoaaa I didn't even notice the vote incentive when I looked at the page earlier! You are so rad and I still HELL OF love that picture *A*)/ so canon~