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I have a BFA in Design Arts with a concentration in Illustration and Sequential Narrative, and a Minor in Art History from the Memphis College of art. Its a mouthful and my Diploma is handwritten so I don't know if its real or not...
@WingFreak: I responded on the other page, but then i deleted the whole page without thinking! Thank you for letting me know there was a double!!!
@truthfultheowl: lol probably not at all
Vaping is bad.
@Oly-RRR: They just have that kind of face. However if you ever went through the old SWNN comic i had posted on here those are the same characters but it was way before i had this comic figured out.
@Oly-RRR: No time was harmed in the making of this species
@Oly-RRR: I love Lucian's terrible car I can't wait for it to become as relevant as White makes it out to be in *counts on fingers* chapter 18 maybe.
@Oly-RRR: !!! (where do you live?) I usually do cons in the southeastern part of the USA but this year I have one in Las vegas and one in Vancouver Canada SO IM SUPER EXCITED But also hate it because planes freak me out. Last year I went to Toronto canada for TCAF and it was the first time I had gotten on a plane in years and it just reminded me how much I hate flight.
@Oly-RRR: yeah Tumblr sucks! But I did finish it and I'm gonna have the whole book ready for con season this year, I'm very excited about that!
@Oly-RRR: HEY!!! Yeah It's been a while. I never finished uploading Apoppytheosis here... I hope you're doing well!!
@Lutztoons: THANKS! I stopped using photoshop when I changed computers and I haven't figured out how to recreate the look in Clip Studio Paint yet. I miss these dots.
@Mushroom Flabs: Woah!! Thank you so much!!
@Loss_of_Motion: faux paramore
Chapter 11, lets go. This is probably my shortest chapter SO WE'RE ALMOST UP TO SPEED HERE.
@mintandvanilla: I love space mercenary Garfield.
@mintandvanilla: It shows! and your coloring is fantastic too! It sets the mood effectively.
@mintandvanilla: !!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
Ah, CHAPTER 10! This is my fave chapter so far. The best of 2018 tbh (Although the Abduction chapter has started this year, but the best part of that won't hit until 2019)
Anyway, this chapter is vibrant and silly and Sin is SUPER overdramatic which is *chef's kiss*
Your inking and page layouts are INCREDIBLE!
This is a good chapter. Best installment of 2017. Hope y'all like the color pink.