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Hallo! :O I am Rini...(No shit) =.= I love Yaoi! Woot~! I love to draw...But I dont think I will post a webcomic anytime soon. >.> I am a lazy person! :D And since no ones in the house right now...>.> ITs YAOI TIME!!! =w= My Hobbies right now...are playing piano! and Drawing...I love it when I see my drawings improving...well who dosnt?! :D

I've been trying to play "Still Doll" from Vampire Knight. I love that song so much! >3<
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Cuteness~ :D I Just Love The Way You Draw! X3 *Instant Fav*
February 11th, 2010
I Love That Last Panel! XD
February 3rd, 2010
Longest Name Ever O.O But I Still Can't Stop Saying It :D
Yup O.O
And Vampire Kisses :D
I'm The Same Height As Him O.O'
I Feel Short x.x
October 15th, 2009
Perfedt Landing! :D Right On His Lap! XD
LMAO. Spongebob :D
Loving this comic! xD
I really like the way you draw! :D *jealous* Lol.
I love this!
:O This drawing is Amazing xD
I havnt been on here very long...but This page is one of my favorite... Good Job! ;3
Poor David o.o' Its Always The Nose x_x
He's always being picked up by rapist...O_O'
I just remembered the time when my teacher wore a Kilt to school e.e
o.o I will be loving you today?
~*Towel Tits!*~ Now Found In Wal*mart! e.0
Lmao. Joanne e.e
The nerds in the last panel...remind me of Harry And Ron e.o'
Rape Time! :D
Weee~! xD
*keeps staring at first panel* =w= heehee...
OMIGAWD! Second panel! *Dies of cuteness* x///x'
July 15th, 2009
*stares at hand in envy* Dx My hands fail! Love the art :3 ~Fav~