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@Travelingpooch: I always love seeing your profile pic! it's amazing!
I loved this comic and that's the ending you give us? It's so lackluster... I'm sad to see it go...
The girl that invited them reminds me of Sapphire from Steven Universe.
Can't see it
For some reason i imagined his laugh would sound like Howl (Howl's Moving Castle)
October 5th, 2016
omg...I have those pink leather cuffs...
Yes please!
@midgart: oh ok
Is that Marci and Pb in the last panel?
so glad
I totally freaked out at first! I love ORD so much! So glad you were just joking.
Oh my glob! YES!!! I've been waiting for this!
what a bitch
she's so horrible just like her friends!
omg. you've been making me cry since benji left.
i'll be waiting even if it means about a month from next monday :(
please update soon <3
please update
awesome comic please update soon <3
what pokemon is the other guy on this page?