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good friends

Fiora Aroura


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@senalcoolage: i dont sprite anymore... hell i dont really have time for comic making, you try being an australian 16 yr old in year 11 with so much school work you want to rip your hair out
ahhhhhhh, i love these war holidays
woop! im now the war hero who beat a rogue government agent, killed the main base of my enemies minions, and NOW im the main galactic diplomat in the war! MASS EFFECT FOR THE WIIIIIIIIN!
im beet... and it fits me well... at the times when im acting my age and not acting 5
my theory is that the mlp universe is full of NAZIS and SUICIDE PONIES!
well, one part =D
(yes, i AM crazy)
...... keno is so frikin' adorable in this one
and neko too
if you did not read that last part in white space, yes i DID kill Alduin easily
lmao, on that list from frogger to 'the robot club' i have only really played frogger, and only for 5 mins, the multiplayer ones, i played mario kart and sonic adventure 2...

some of the old games I grew up with, (because my mum was 19 and my youngest uncle was 13 when i was born) were... um... god i can barely remember, but we had a few games for the atari, heaps of games for PS1 and i got my good old gameboy at five, and i only had a few games... i mainly remember the original sonic games, MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!, tomb raider, pokemon red/blue(i had both), and my old GB mario... im 16 now, i still play my old 64 which we got when i was idunnohowold, and i still love star wars podracer, pokemon stadium 1&2 and good old mario kart 64, god i havent player PS1 for YEARS! i think im gonna try find our old games and see if they work on my PS2, OH! CROC! I FORGOT MY FAVE GAME EVER! croc, definitely my fave game ever, and fiora...

Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin,
Wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!
Ahrk fin norok paal graan fod nust han zindro zaan,
Dovahkiin, fah hin kogaan mu draal!

and if you dont recognise that, you mentioned you are playing the game it is from! =D
i was playing digimon dusk last night, and i thought; 'you guys are gonna need a bad guy like ken eventually =D' maybe he/she could have two digimon that can DNA digivolve together, so possibly a tsukaimon and a black agumon (to become kimeramon and machinedramon respectively) who would DNA into *epic pause* MILLENNIUMMON! for the final fight, or if not he could have a keramon (to become diaboromon)
now all they need is the awesomeness of a GRANKUWAGAMON!
i just love how the only barbie character that has, and probably ever will be in this comic, is such an evil B***H! i love it!
all it needs now is an MLP chara to be this evil lmao
no offense, but this kinds looks like a 5 yr old did it, but then, we all start somewhere
i think you need a new sprite 0-0
and has anyone told you that its best to use .png?
Christmas is in 4 days! I get my (late) birthday pressie tomorrow!

original Lakie : im finally out of there!
Tall Lakie : yes! I appear a second time! and I still only have one sprite!
Hedge-Man Lakie : this movie is interesting
Mephisto : *thinking* all I want for Christmas... is Rane
New Lakie : oh god this is crowded
blargh, not those douchebags... when I get super mario 3D, legend of zelda OOT 3D and sonic generations im gonna have to have an 'after subtract' marathon
me: ... urge to kill... RISING!
mephisto: *holding a flamethrower* anyone want some Horse Haunch? I have the Salt Piles!
@Fusion Kirby:
NEVERRRRRR! MUAHAHAHAHA! I also have a (illegitimate) Genesect =P and shiny Regirock
@Gamining King: lmao I agree, but some of my happiest moments (and fave pokemon) were experienced in Hoenn namely Muddi man the Swampert and my Masquerain