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Yep. Shiny art. Ladies kicking ass and being generally awesome. I'm bookmarking this one.
You've got a typo in the first panel. Particularly.

Doing the archive read, now. So far I love it for so many, many reasons. I'll try to write you something more coherent when I'm done, but I'm bad at being a fan so don't hold your breath...
Oh Dear Readers, I was simply not prepared for it to be Tuesday. My poor time management skills have reared up once more to bite us.

So here are some sketches of some people who are about to show up in the comic.

-The Artist
It’s still Tuesday, at least. You may have noticed the lack of color in the last couple of updates. This isn’t an new stylistic choice. It’s a combination of a new and shifting work schedule which will hopefully lead to a steadier supply of comics…eventually and Lego Universe coming out.

All I want to do when I’m at the computer is race lego cars and I’m just not a good enough person to resist.

But, comic. Tuesday. So there’s that at least.

Not as remorsefully as you’d probably like,

The Artist
Oh Dear Readers,

So, here is the thing. This project is kind of a big deal for my writer and I. So it's taken me a few weeks to work everything out properly.

Anyway. I'm starting over with a better design, and a better technique.

I'm vastly happier with this. I hope you are as well.

The Artist
Last week's comic is now in color. This week's comic will be in color next week's comic, who knows!

Come back and find out on Tuesday!

Askazi Myths is moving to a new site . Update your bookmarks. This site will continue to update for the remainder of the Prologue.
I tried to strike that delicate balance between the reader knows what the hell is going on and the reader has to wade through everything I know about travel in the universe I made.

Yeah, sorry.
Comicer's Block
So it's Wednesday night and I have no idea what the next page looks like. I'm 'writing' this kind of on the fly off the top of my head. I've got a real comic to work on, and an art trade and lots and lots of books I'd like to be reading.

So I'm skipping this week. I may end up skipping the page I think needs to be here and moving on to the page after if I don't know what this page looks like by about Monday next. This may turn out to be wise narratively as well as practically.

For today you are treated to a picture and a brief thing on how Sokath works.

Sokath is a magical construct (if you haven't picked up on this yet, that's okay, I haven't mentioned it yet). But he's constructed along basically biological lines and functions in much the same way as a living being.

He has to eat occasionally, though due to oddities of his original nature it is a very occasional thing. Usually he has a meal about once a week or as he decides he is interested in food. His body will suck basically anything organic out of the consumed matter, along with any minerals he might be low on and use them to power and repair him. The remaining material is compacted into a little sphere.

Sokath doesn't exactly have guts so when he's done digesting he just hacks whatever he didn't use back out the way it went in. It's less than dignified and he does it in private.

When he's injured, or concerned he might run into a food shortage, he will hunt down, kill and devour whole a large animal of some kind. This sort of gorging results in a bigger pellet and one comprised generously of bone matter.

Generally when in the desert his odd capabilities will allow him to go entirely without food or water, but in the case that he is injured or out in the wastes for a very extended period he can eat sand and glean sustenance from the small amounts of organic material present. The results are little glass balls, basically marbles.
Ok, actual comic will be out sometime while it is still Thursday. But I'm busy writing bad fanfic, so have a raven and a lamp.
A little late, but it's still Thursday.
I really am sorry.
I know. I know. Updates will likely be somewhat erratic all summer. I will try my best to always have _something_ up on Tuesdays.
Dear Readers,

You were promised a something for Thursday. This is very rough and I doubt any of it will even be what is under the actual lines.

So maybe that makes it extra interesting. I honestly have no idea. Come back Tuesday and see how it turns out.

The Artist
Dear Readers,

A week late, but there you go. There will be something on Thursday. Hopefully a full update, but at least some sketchings or something to make up for this.

The Artist
A little break from rabbits.
So, it's eleven thirty and I haven't even started putting color down. My hand's all cut to hell. I have to work (the job that pays money) in the morning and I haven't gotten more than six hours of sleep a night all week (I am one of those sad people who actually requires the whole eight).

Excuses, excuses. Oh poor me. Yeah, I hate it when webcomicers pull the whole, it's not my real job, nonsense too. Sorry.

On the plus side there's only like two of you out there reading this as far as I can tell. No angry mobs.

Anyway, here's the grayscale. I put words on it for you. Color will be added, hopefully before I run out of Tuesday. (Check back Wednesday...)

the Artist

Edit: There, color. Also fixed an error on another page. You readers are supposed to complain about this stuff. That's what you're for.

Further edit: Now with 100% more blood.
All pages should now be correctly numbered and all wolves appropriately scarified.

Thank you, that is all,
The Artist
I'm not entirely pleased with this one, but I'm not skipping a second Tuesday over vague dissatisfaction.

The Artist