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Hannah is my real name but hanners is what I usually go by anyway~
Um. I dont really like talking about myself a whole lot for certain reasons...
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Crystal Specs>> You can reply/type commments to your readers when you type your author comment.~ I dont think there is a fancy way to respond to your readers yet though. Hope that helps.

Hm... I wonder if we'll ever get to hear about her story.
May 17th, 2010
Ouch >.>; I hope it doesnt leave a mark. I like the sfx effect on the last panel, its like his bites sound cute. xD
daw what a cutie =3=
I love your inking and Im now rather curious about his last name. |looks it up| keep up the good work!
April 20th, 2010
Missed this reading this comic like a b*tch lol Glad to know its continuing c:
wow this comic is really good!
I like the lace tones and her pose is really cute^^
such lovely compostion!
I love pokemon so no doubtly this comic rocks my world XD