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Anime, art, I write stories, I like to swim and play tennis and...ummmmm...yaoi, Yaoi, YAOI!!!!!!
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NUUUUUU!!!! He's going to find out!! HE IS! I know it! I just KNOW IT!!!!!
What the heck would he have to do other than hang out with you? Dummy prince. *bonks Prince Eric's head*
He's visiting YOUR country, what are you thinking he could DO??
Shiratori REALLY is annoyed with the sparkle power. XD
It's funny.
I KNEW it was Shiratori dreaming!! (his eyes were visible behind the glasses)
I'm really hoping something "interesting" happens before this ends!!! This IS the last chapter!! I REALLY wanna see them kiss at least!! and not in a fanservice either! I wanna see the story lead up and then...CLIMAX!!!!
Ah-ha!! I TOTALLY forgot about the whole secret thing!!! And I've read this twice!!!
GUHH...I hate you...*not really*
*suffers* Danget...I've been reading this all in one day. If the book is already out then how come all of the pages aren't uploaded????


I bet it's the picture of Andi playing his guitar with only his boxers on. XD
ZOMG!! Idea time!!!
Marcus should totally design Andi's first album cover!!!
This one is the best so far. I mean, they weren't really that good, other than the watercolor ones and two others, but this one...WOW. I LIKE this one. Nice work whoever you are~