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2011: I'm Jako. hobby: drawing(!!!!) playing with FE or others, playing in musical instruments :3

2017: OOOOOkay, long time no see this site. Jako is old nickname, nobody uses it at me since 2011, currently call me Martti or Krisse. Still my hobby is drawing, not playing games anymore....
Anyway, currently I have two main webcomic, the Ghost Club, which is originally the oldest of all, from 2007, however it changed a lot over the years, and Journey to North.
aahh, that little thief~ my first reaction was like: "AAAHHH, CUUUUTEEEEE THHIIIIEEEF~<3"

it was really bad to take your shirts outside.... it is your punishment >:Đ xD...... just joking >3>
I can't say more, but she knows the way how to retreat xD
then.. leave him alone in the fight and retreat!! *SHOT*
just kidding xD
So awesome coloring this dark effect on it., it makes it more interesting, I think. I like it a lot
I like the poses how they hold the bows
I love how you can draw and color~
Scary Santa-! *SHOT*
Who is it? who is it?? xD
THe Javelin is always coming back to the owner for 30 times.. (more or less, depends on game, you know..)
I always wondering how they could xDxD

Thosa bandits ARE SCARY!!

oh, yeah.. that's why that shadow was so similar.. xD
LOL at him xD
he should be more careful!

who will continue then?
I like the tool you used.

as Elchi said... I'm curious too
OMG, What is it??? o.O fight >3<?
I love the chibis too >3<
I laughed on her face in the second panel xD
I just now noticed I were not logged in.. and I commented as guest T_T