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Heyo! It's been a while since I've stated anything on this site and I figure I should be more active!

I'm Jesse or Mister-Saturn of whatever you want to call me!
I'm trying to make webcomics and already have a somewhat successful webcomic going (sChIzO) and I intend to create another at some point soon!
I'm a nerd who loves some video games, other webcomics, music (hoo boy so much music), art, furries and a lot of other things.
I'm also a Christian so please be respectful of that!

I hope to entertain with my comics!

All of these interests double as inspiration in some form

Favorite Webcomics:
Homestuck, Dive Quest, Ruby Quest, Nan Quest, Bittersweet Candy Bowl

Favorite Games:
Mario, Earthbound/Mother, Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing

Favorite Bands:
Coheed and Cambria, mewithoutYou, Radiohead, Sigur Ros Thrice, Brand New, Incubus, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Flaming Lips, Deftones

I have a deviantArt too:
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Hey I know it's been weeks and I'm sorry for that.

I'm here now to announce that sChIzO will officially be on a indefinite hiatus.
It's been a nice three years or so (or however long it's been) but it's time to put this project on hold.

It's been a long time coming though. I've been slowly losing steam for a while and I'm ready to move on to other projects for a while. sChIzO has meant a lot to me and so hasn't the support it's gotten so thankyou all for that UvU
This whole project was my first foray into the world of webcomics and it's proven to me that when I get started I can keep it going and that's a comforting thought.

This isn't to say sChIzO is over forever though!
My interest in slice-of-life comics has waned a bit though so I need to refocus. I can't say when but I will update sChIzO again some day. Maybe not in full force but there will be a time. I even have a great idea for the next arc!

So thankyou all again for reading up to this point and I'm sorry for this but it's been a great run and hopefully in time we'll see Ruby, Kenneth and the rest of them again sooner than later! ;v;
@GabrielsThoughts: Haha I'd say Lynn's representation in this guest comic is probably very off. But Ruby's only barely seen glimpses if a figure once in a while so then again, maybe not.
I've never really designed a look for him before honestly
Was doing a lot of stuff. Very distracting day. Very good day but very distracting day.

Either way this comic is from this cool sir, MasterAvalon from dA (

sChIzO AU where they're all super fighting animu guys.
Oh Lynn.
Digging the outfits xD
Haha I was gonna spend a whole week posting them but instead I decided to do two last week and two this week.
I only had four this time anyway.

But yeah Smash Bros. distracted me this entire weekend anyway.
You know how it is.

Either way this is from this awesome bro!

Rickrolled again. Seems this meme'll never die.
Heyyyy it's day 2 of the guest comic week so here's another one a bit late haha.

This one is from Christoph-Schmidt of deviantArt (!

Not sure what else to say haha. More Ruby dreams.
Hey hey haha a little late on this I know.

But here's the first guest comic for guest comic week 2. It's by this guy crazyrems (right here and it's a neat sorta dark continuation of the last comic I posted before guest comic week.
Diggin that art style quite a bit. Thankyou!
@hamncheese95: Haha well if it makes it any easier I've decided to extend it another week so you have until the Wednesday after if you need more time ;v;
Sorry about that >u>
Hey I got lazy last week and didn't do an update (almost forgot about it even).

So I decided when I do update, Wednesday will work afterall. Actually much better than most things.

But yeah incoming Guest Comic Week in order to give me a break. Please send in your guest comics! You got until next Wednesday!

At which point I will gather up all the guest comics and from that Wednesday to next Wednesday I will continue to post one a day until they run out! If that's more than seven comics then it'll go on past Wednesday.


Also Alex forgot his glasses.
Hey hey sorry I know it was much later in the week but school had overwhelmed me. I wasn't used to that kind of workload being dumped on me all of a sudden.

So here we have the conclusion to this arc finally.
Apparently it WASN'T a dream. Hm.
Heyyyy almost late but I stuck to it!
Had a string of busy work days but I ended up with enough time to do this one today hooray.

Ruby had a weird dream guys that's all. I swear.
Sorry for lateness, I had just got off of three back to back shifts and college orientation all in a row haha.
Either way here we are. Only like two or three comics left of this arc.

Hey hey I wanted to finish this up quicker sooo here's a longer page hahaha.

Incoming assumptions on what's going on :>
Bring it on.
Here we are...still to no conclusion :>

That's okay. Ruby's speechless gesture is my favorite part. That and the second panel. I don't know why but I love how that panel of Lynn came out.
Hahaha I like toying with you all.

Not much here except Kenneth clearly dodging the subject? Maybe? We'll see.
Aaaand here's my little transition strip into what happens next.

Now I'm out of scripts though, gotta get working on that. I hope you're all dying to know what's going on.
Haha you still get the usual Wednesday comic too cause I really don't want to throw my update groove off too much.
So yeah this isn't going to be goofy arc, this is more of a feels arc.

I like those from time to time.
Hahaha super late but here we are!

Oh wow that's odd isn't it?

Btw you will hopefully be getting the next one on Wednesday still like normal. Last week was a weird one.
Aaaaand here we go now I can start another arc.

Just a fair warning this one might not be what you expect.
But it should be interesting nonetheless.

I enjoy how this one came out too, a couple mistakes aside.
Hahah this is another suggested filler comic suggested by this awesome person:

Hector needed some spotlight again we haven't seen him in a long while and I realize how dumb that is cause the comic is called SCHIZO for a reason. Har har har.

Anyway this gave me a chuckle and I like how it came out.
Haha not much to say here except this idea was given to me by this fellow from dA

It was a great idea that I could work quickly with cause I didn't get any comic work done until today XD

So thankyou.
Fourth wall breakage filler comic. With a tiny bit of color. Sorry if it's sloppy, it was a little rushed and I didn't have my usual work space.