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Yay! Early update on account of my scanner's still broken and this was the only day I could borrow my friend's.
Thanks! It worked!
How do you get the poll up on your site?
Nuuuu :(
Thanks! I was just going to update today, the first actual comic page ha ha :D I might start using your technique for my comics, it's seems to turn out a whole lot better!
he he. that's nice. Oh! I got my webcomic up! Yay! you can veiw (what I have of) it here:
Whew! Done with the 3 updates I promised.

Sorry for the horrible coloring, I'm in a rush! I'll have a new update next week!
Doomcakes: See? ;P There's the page you see on the first page.
Yay! First update!

Doomcakes: No, It's in a notebook. I already inked in the next page of the web comic, so you can see it through the page.

Note to self: Ink in the next page AFTER you have the previous page up ;)
Yeaka & Gemma:
Have you seen my pics in the "Main" section. It's a comment to the sick news thinger. If you haven't already seen them, I would love ya even more if you did and told me what you think. I wanna start a webcomic called 'Taken', but I wanna know if my art's good before I put it up online.
That is all.

Well, thanks for the...really long reply! I really appreciate it!
BTW: How did you get the poll on the site?
My and my friends inner trekkies are VERY proud! YAY!
your chibis are naked O_o
aww......i wuvs it!