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<3: Manga of all genre's, anime, role playing, all geek past times such as video games and DnD. Drawing and meeting people here on smackjeeves is a <3 too. =3=

</3: People with a superiority complex, brussel sprouts, wet dog smell, taking the train with some smelly homeless guy stinking up the place. Jerks.

I've come to the conclusion that there are, amidst all the wonderful people on this website, alot of jerks. The kind of jerks that enjoy making others feel insecure or down because their style of drawing or story telling is outside the norm. It's unfortunate, really.

Everyone deserves respect. Everyone.
The patch changes are actually pretty epic. It won't take long, however, before Blizzard decides to nerf the casting classes. Our Mage and Warlock are pulling well over 12k dps in ICC Heroic modes. :D
Woot! An update! He's come to object to the wedding, that's what! Why have incest when you can have gay butt sex? :D
Updates make me happy. :D
Your artwork is unbelievably beautiful. If your not published already, you should be.
I'm really happy to see you updating again. ^_^
I couldn't sleep. Duuuude. I fucking hate stress. Stress makes my stomach ache and my mind race til I can't sleep. This helped. A little. It's 3:12 a.m. where I live. D|

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the page. I had fun drawing it even if I was really tired. Rawr. I have some fans. It's fun to think there's people that are actually enjoying this. :D Makes the insomnia seem less important.
I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. The persepective in the second panel was a pain but...thank the powers that be for the internet. Referances are easy to find. XD

So...I'm on time but I might not be after this. I haven't even responded in my collab yet. TT_TT Family stuff has hit the fan so it's been keeping me stressed and occupied.

Anyway, enjoy.
Nom nom nom. mmm Fresh Uke Sundae. XD
LOL XD This is too awesome!
Here we go again.
I think my update schedule will be once a week whenever. Easier for me so I don't lose interest. I'm really looking forward to getting deeper into this story. =3=


@nightxwitch14 - Haha! Yeah, it sucks being in this stupid sling. This actually took me several days to draw because I had to keep stopping when my shoulder started to hurt. -_-
Hardy har har.
Even with a strained shoulder, I was able to draw pretty well. =3= It makes me happeh.

Hope you like it.
So...of all the epic suckage ever, I pulled my shoulder really bad and now my right hand, which I draw with, is in a sling.

I will try to respond soon, night, but please keep in mind that it's my drawing arm in the sling and my art won't be so hot.
Kissy? Kissy kissy?! Must...have...boy...on...boy...lip...lock. o_o
So ends this small piece of the story. There's plenty more to come.
I always thought that the practice of self sacrafice during Lent was more of a Catholic tradition? I'm Luthren so...
What better way to clean off a hot chocolate moustache then to kiss it away!

Pfft. Silly Keno. Just couldn't resist the fox boy.
LOL Don't need to be sorry. It happens. :p I really like this and I can't wait til I get home and have the opportunity to reply.
lol Fun times. Half animals are just too damn adorable to ignore. ;p

So.. I'll be responding when I get home from work tonight. I didn't get the chance this weekend because of multiple reasons. One of which is that I started my own comic here on Smackjeeves. It's...different. Heh hing/

Check it out if you wanna. :)