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Will is officially my favourite character. He's so sweet~~ <3
I wonder what Bailey is up to... o^o;;
Oooo, I totally didn't realize there were extras! So happy to see some more of your funny-stuff.

It was a nice touch too. I ended up reading the comic twice and it really made the ending more light-hearted.
Wow... this was rough but very powerful. It left me with an overwhelming sense of sadness and loneliness. I especially love the imagery you used with the hands and of being underwater. I had the impression he was drowning emotionally.

You really need to try and do more of these. I found myself getting pulled out of the story once or twice, but other than that it was brilliant.
Aaaaaw X3 I love Jun in the second panel...
XD These two are amazing together. I love how they just keep jumping to conclusions.
I'm placing my bet on the Pidgey.
I can't wait to see how this develops XD
XDD Poor, poor Camilo.
TT_____TT <------ *tears of JOY*

This whole page is just Pure Awesome. Camilo is quickly becoming my favourite. He's just so cool XD And I love the look on Paris' face in the ninth panel XD! 'Bye honeycakes.' XDD
Aw <3 I love the colours you added~
XD Ooo, rivalry.
XD Oh my word... I love that plaster.
Pft, I love seeing his thought process here... X3
XD! Takuya looks so cute in the last panel.
Teehee, I love panel four. XD
Aaaw, the fifth panel is so cute X3
Pffft XD Silly boy~