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Addy, never change.
is it just me or does it look like it's glowing?
and here I thought blaze was the nice one.
A hundred dollars for one koi fish try?

Damn, that's some expensive koi.
half expected an april fools joke
It's a shame you don't have more fans because this comic is still fantastic.
That's right magikarp, hop to your master.
Damn. Nice to see bunnie though. hope she an ant are okay.
as nice as this comic is, you really need to work on your grammar.
I see a camio... is that vinnie from Ghost of the Future I see?
Why has no one thought of this before?!
...They be some creepy fuckers, I tell you what.
I'm really liking this comic so far, but I feel like Lupus is just a bit too accepting of everything.

I think a little more confusion and hesitation in his actions would make it a little more believable.

Still, i'm glad to see a well made digimon comic.
Congrats Du--.... umm... way to go guy.... erm...

g...good job!

all kidding aside, congrats to you and I hope everything goes well!
Hey, I'd get mad too if a butterfly just up and got up into my personal biz.
As soon as I saw rat fall, I thought "oh boy! a reason for george to follow atty!" but he didn't follow and I was just "aww..."
sonic using chaos control instead of shadow?! ah bah wuuuh?! role reversal!

I mean, I know sonic can do it, but usually it's shadow.

beautiful... I was half expecting dragonthing to blast atticus but i'm glad this happened.
Don't worry sonic! You were just um... distracted! that's all...

btw, TOTALLY loving this comic. the art is just AMAZING.