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Hello, I'm just a random person. I like to draw, but I don't do it too often, unfortunately.. Personally, I'm more of a game developer rather than an artist :P
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    Tylor Norsworthy
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No Title
Nothing to say. Just an extra to the preceding comic
Also late, and I'm sorry 'bout that. I'll upload another immediately after if you're reading this, GO CHECK IT OUT! :D

EDIT: What the hell? I uploaded young mcguyver after this and it shows that this was uploaded afterwards? waaat?
Delusions of Grandeur what i wanted to name the comic, but that was a tad big. Oh well, c'est la vie.

Note: The ending was a homage to Lordvega's Let's Play Silent hill 3's "It's bread"

Also Note: The clock ;o
August 17th, 2009
poor thing..I started last Wednesday..luckily for me school is the only time i get comics done on my part XD
Hmm.. I'll have to keep this one in mind.. *nods*
Haven't uploaded recently; I haven't had much boredom to draw. Luckily, I'm back in school so I'll update more frequently, guaranteed. I've already got a zelda parody halfway done that I may or may not complete.
Love it. Nuff said.
Heh, I actually had this one planned out before a couple other drawings..but I finished it at this stage.. Still like it :P
No funny title? Aww..
Lol, again: random. I love how I did the face, and it came out nicely.

Now, onto the the next one?
Brillo en el sol.
Wow, Just wow..I guess this is what happens when I get bored in Spanish instead of Algebra.
Comment - 50g
Ha, I like how this one came out. It's a little lazily drawn (even for me), but Eh, still love it <3
I don't really have much to say about this one..Personally, this is my least favorite comic, but eh, It'll do..
Escaping Lawsuits?
This is the very fist strip I did. I made this back in Algebra class out of sheer boredom. I showed it to my pessimistic friend, and even he said it "wasn't Half bad" (Or something like that). From then on, I thought that I started thinking of making a webcomic.

Also, recently I noticed something about this page. The quote at the bottom, "Reality is a terrible game", reminded me of This XKCD strip. I must have done this subconsciously. Kudos to XKCD for being top-tier in my mind. I'll try not steal any quotes anymore..Sorry 'bout that D:

EDIT: Good luck reading my handwriting..You'll need it..
Lazy Beginnings
Here's a little something that I cooked up during school. In fact, I started this webcomic during school, but I'm just now getting to making a site..I WAS going to learn CSS(I already know HTML) and make a site professionally on Dreamweaver..But this is MUCH easier :P *lazy'd*

On a separate note I tried uploading a PNG and raeg'd at the size limit..Until I was reminded of JPG by a friend..*facepalm*