I'm a college student, love to write, try to draw but fail. Probably won't ever be good enough to put up a comic of my own, but you never know.

I'm happy to offer editing and (some) translation assistance to comics out there that would be awesome if the language were to be cleaned up a bit.
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I really like this so far! I'm nervous because it seems like so many BL webcomics with a cool, supernatural premise and awesome art eventually just stop updating. Please don't do that to us!
@amanduur: Haha, I love your humor and the way you handle parody. This is so adorable and beautiful, all while being hilarious.
Right??? I was so upset! Why would you do this to me, OITNB? All I ever did was love you!
Your comic is so cute and unexpected! I always look forward to more updates. The humor and sexiness are perfectly balanced, haha.
Honestly, that last panel is pretty hot. XD
@noend: Oh good! I've read a lot of comics on here where the creators seem to think their characters can do no wrong, all of their actions are justified. When I didn't see any other comments about that, I thought I was missing something. But thank you for the verification. As long as you, the creator, know what their actions are questionable, that makes it a little easier to continue on with the knowledge of what they did. Thank you for the confirmation on your intention.
I feel like I'm going to get crucified by the fans for saying this, but am I really the only person who lost sympathy for them when they killed innocent people? Maybe it was because the scene wasn't shown, so I didn't see how it went down, but the last shot of the other two was surprise, and then they were dead. I mean, yes, I understand why they did it, but it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I find this comic interesting, though, so hopefully I can just shake it off. Maybe it was the obvious lack of remorse, since people have to do awful things to survive on occasion, and I didn't pick up any inner struggle over the murders after the fact. If the other people shot first, it wasn't clear to me. But maybe I have too much empathy or something, haha.
September 18th, 2015
This is a cute comic! Would you be willing to accept some edits of the language? I speak some Spanish myself, but English is my first language. Actually, based on some of the errors you made, I thought maybe your first language was Spanish before I looked at your profile. For example, "de" can be "of" or "from" but they're very different in English.
When his dick's in your mouth, you might be able to guess.
August 18th, 2015
I love this comic, but it's stressing me out, haha. I have no idea what to suspect, though if I had to guess, I'd say William is probably a narcissist and Nathan is a sociopath. The one who makes me nervous is Nathan, though, since he clearly seems to have his own motives, and he toys so easily with William's feelings. I'm really invested, either way.
Oh my, you might want to change that white text on yellow background. I can't read it at all! Otherwise, nice art, and I look forward to more. ^^
I'm part Costa Rican! I never meet Costa Rican people for some reason. But I look completely caucasian. I have dark blond/very light brown hair and very pale skin. My dad is from Panama (though obviously his family line came over from Costa Rica at some point), and one of his childhood friends was full on bright blond with blue eyes. I mean, there are even cases of mixed race fraternal twins where one comes out black and the other white. Genetics are an interesting thing.
April 25th, 2015
Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

I love your art, and this story is great. I'm just happy when you update. Too many stories get completely abandoned.
@bob-artist: Oh okay, thank you for clearing that up. I love your work! When I'm not a starving creative type myself, I will happily donate to your project. I look forward to seeing more of this poor, sexy slave.
Ooh, I hope this character isn't just a passing one. So you've used him before, then? Was that with a previous comic or something? Anyway, I really enjoy this. Keep up the good work!
I love this! Hot boys, werewolves, and hunters or whatever they are. I even laughed out loud more than once. Plus, I like that there's some similar mythos to an RP a friend and I have been writing for years. I'm eager for the next update.
Please still announce updates here! I always forget to check the different comics that stop updating on smackjeeves. It's easier to just have it pop up on my favorites. So my vote is update notifications here if it isn't too much trouble!
@Archie The RedCat: No problem, but just so you know, the English is very broken, so your friend isn't catching enough errors. I'm not trying to be rude, just wanted to let you know that it can be kind of hard to understand sometimes. But best of luck to you.
Hey! Beautiful art and very interesting story, but would you accept some English corrections? If you fixed the previous pages and had someone proofread future pages, it would make the webcomic much easier to read. I'm happy to offer corrections if you're interested.
@kangel: Wait, did you post this elsewhere first? Is there another place you post your comics? I remember seeing this and thinking it looked like your style either on Halloween or the day before.