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March 22nd, 2010

I have so much catching up to do.
March 17th, 2010
Fortunately, I enjoy drawing the demons very much. I really didn't like their original design, but this gooey black gunk they've become, lots of fun.

Unfortunately, I hate drawing guns.

Some more unfortunate news, I'm still not drawing backgrounds.
March 17th, 2010
O GOSH. I'm getting so sick and tired of working on this, LMAO.

Just kidding.
But only a little.

I have to draw, like, 6 pages in one day if I want to catch up.
I've started over this project because I decided I didn't like the way "THE HEIST" started out.

So here's the newly created "NEWBORN" -
For future reference, I hate drawing cars.

Take home message: Don't park under lamp posts. Your car gets buried under bird poop.
I have decided using screen tones would make drawing backgrounds a lot easier, and make my pages look a lot more detailed.

But they look so tacky. Ick.

So please bear the no backgrounds for a while. I'll go back and add them, if I feel compelled. In return, I promise backgrounds in future pages.
Now I'm all caught up again.

Though I kind of rushed this page.

And I haven't been drawing backgrounds again, XD
This was supposed to be posted on Sunday.

Heh. "patta patta patta"
This was supposed to be posted on Saturday.
The last hour of the shift is bad.
The last half hour is painful.
The last five minutes is torture.

This is how I've survived my last week at LEGO, lol.

Also, I'm thinking of updating this just once a week because I can't stick to the schedule of updating twice. =(
Can you see?
I'm considering increasing the size of the comic pages so you can see the details.

I don't know.
Can you see enough to comprehend?? I have a giant tv I'm using as a monitor, so I can't really tell, hahahaha. But it looks tiny on my laptop.
Yeah; I'm definitely liking the no gray.
HAHAH....yeah, I did a little remodeling, XD

My wrist already hurts.
Sorry for the no update on Friday! Wow, I'm really bad at this whole schedule thing.

Dusty doesn't meow like a normal cat. She makes these high-pitched "mew" sounds. And she doesn't make them very often. But when she does, well, it's worth commemorating.
First of March Madness!
As I mentioned before, the ASKARI is officially joining March Madness.
And here is your first page.

I've been experimenting with my shading, mostly in "The Heist", but I guess I'll get plenty while working on askari. I might take out the gray and leave it pure black and white. I'm not sure yet.

Anyway, more to come.
the ASKARI joins March Madness!
This has been an on-going comic here at Smack Jeeves! Believe it or not, this has been around for 3 very long years, and I've been constantly struggling to keep up with this comic. Hopefully MM! will help revive it, as this project has become my baby, and I hope there are still others out there that are looking forward to my random updates.

You can start reading from the beginning here:

Good luck to everyone else!
Where should we post our introduction comics, should we choose to do one? Will you create a separate chapter for those? Or should we post it in our own separate chapters?
February 24th, 2010
I like this page much, much better, but I still don't like the gray. Oh well.