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Laughing man
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He followed me home, can I keep it?
RUN! IT'S Godzilla!
this is awesome~! what is it?
by the nine!
tooo adorable!
she drives just like grandpa!
A cat (insert price here)
a regular car (insert price here)
the face of the child = priceless :D
I remember my dad giving me the talk...well not really. He just gave me a pr0nz mag. :P parenting at its finest!
"why do fools fall in love..."
I love hermes as much as I love taffy...and I'm a man who loves taffy. :D
the slammer, the bighouse!
I would say jail bait, but after seeing him fight his son. :D
smokings bad mkay?
I noticed some of the baddies smoked :D
parent hood!
yea I think murdoc's dad basically described parenthood.
save a horse, and ride a cowboy!
his rear is dripping wet. SO hot!
I dont think that's spider webs he shooting :D
lubing up!
please be gentle! ;D
heh heh, alridght.
Might as well not let all thier efforts in bringing ridely and murdoc together go to waist ;)
do you hear that?
my man-sex senses are tingling!
its the suprise attack of the little people!
Dear gods
ITs SOO Much cuteness, I'm blind!!!
Dont be a fool, and wrap your tool! Dont be silly and wrap your willy! No glove means no love :D
*high pitch voice* Say WAAAA? :D
where did he touch you?
too good! hahaha, awkward moment!
must keep self from touching self!
awesome, its like they are wrestling in a sexual way :D