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    Jose L. Pastor Otero
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Awesome work on this comic so far.
Great drawing style, love the sketchy art. The grey shading is very effective and the voice baloons work well in the pictures.
The horizontal page is also a big bonus for online reading.
The only thing "negative" (IMHO) i'll point is that sometimes when the panels subdivide horizontally it can get a bit confusing (but not mauch anyway).
I'm gonna enjoy reading this... a lot.
Cheers and good luck
i imagined something like this was going to happen. Nice twist on the tale
fonts :)
Go here for the fonts:
Nice simple story. I liked the pace of it. And the contrast between black and white worked well. The only thing i didn't like was the font, too mechanical for this style.
:) :) :) :) 4/5 smiling faces lol
nice page
I just didn't rate it higher because of the font style. It does not fit with your style (IMHO).
Cheers and good luck :)