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*twitch twitch* D;> I'm having Annarki withdrawls. Dx please bum, steal, beat an old lady with her own walker Just get photoshop, a computer, and a scanner. The months pass slower without annarki. D; i need Annarki to make my day brighter. I'm so like anxious about the whole Taki/Travis, and Kaoru/Hizumi plot lines. <3 they make me smile and giggle.
I LOVE YOUR COMIC!! update soon it makes me smile. especially since it's turning into cute smex.
AWWWWWWE~!!!!! that is so adorable!!! <3 Mega Cute!!! keep it up
you're rich you don't need to study do you think paris hilton actually studied? I THINK NOT!!! now go find Liam and have cute smex
and that little travis is called an erection. ^_^ awe i like travis and taki together. it's like Hot Damn. ^_^ and your kitty is pretty i just want to like glomp attack it.
experienced... with henry that is.. Oooo burn XD jk but you know what he means... ^_^
<33 i still love henry and richard.. they're so cute. And i've always had a thing for characters like richard. ^_^

I can't wait until i get to see how they.. started...? XD if thats the correct terminology
^_^ i want more hot henryXrichard smex
Awe~! and this is exactly why they're my favorite couple
AWE~!!!!! that is so adorble i love Kuro-tan he's so cute. XD
AWWWWWWWWWWWWE~!!! *Squee~!* that's so cute~!!!xD
69... tehe.... xD <3
xDD lol awww it's perfect... i think Trish and Lucien should have hot kinky sex! ...Lucien is sexy.... xDDD I'd date him!!!! he almost kinda reminds me of my old boyfriend Dennison... except hotter... hmm... well i guess i can't say that Dennison is pretty damn sexy... <-- My Denny see the resemblance.
awwww!!!! He's so cute i just want to give him a big hug. xD >w< "he's mine..." KAWAII!!!!
I hope you realize Richard and Henry are my favorite couple in the Comic xDDD i love how Shy Henry is in comparison to Richard and they're just so gosh darn cute !!
xDDD i think you should add some more hot guy on guy action xDDDDD i would love you forever ***p.s. i LOVE this comic!!! <3333 S2 s2
i wanna see henry take it in the ass DDDX ... cause yeah its kinda obvious he's the Uke. i dont think i could see him as the Seme, he's not confident enough. anywho XD <3<3
you should make this story longer... somehow...
XD Richard and Henry are definately Best Friends in more than one way ;P awww their so cute though, i cant wait until these two couples start the hot smex XDDD
aww Kawaii, XD i have to say i like the Henry Richard pairing, i love how henry keeps trying to get away but you know he totally wants it XDD