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All author/collab comics will be done on my main profile 'dvsjr'. Invite that profile instead of this one. This is for solo comics only now.
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okay, someone else is going to have to make the intro, if we're still making it. I'm busy and can't do it.
>Glandor: Grope some random girl that walks by.

or cry for your mommy.
Guys, I can't make the intro. I lost my photoshop when my comp crashed, so someone else is going to have to do it. I will help with what the characters say, but i cannot make it alone.

Edit: Forget what i said. I'll do it in PdN
thank you for the reminder. the intro is being worked on again.
FALCON PAWNCH! *due to shortness, hit's bowser in the nuts*

50 star bits
so fucking sweet
this is a kickass comic


so funny xD
November 15th, 2009
Super Mewtwo dun dun dun!
Mist custom sonic = better than solara's

Solara's "custom" sonic = looks like a slight SA3 edit pose

Burn out
pretty cool, but for advanced spriters like you and me, that's child's play, amirite?

edit: the hands look too small, try fixin' it, kay?

Burn out
regi reg! *bricked*

and fffffff- i got tagged
>Sit next to the cute girl
November 3rd, 2009
i don't know what the last one means but that one
Can the cameo be sonic styled?

If so cameo plz (preferably a koopa, i love koopas)
That second one is not a wolf, but a hedgefox. Also I think GBA was the first wolf, he started in what, 2004? 2003?
Sweet. Love the arcanine.
....... i will hurt you
loki stop this, lug may not be the best spriter on SJ, he may not even be in the top 300, but he is a person like you and me and should be treated with respect, we were all noobs once, so cut the crap, k?