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Just call me Reign. Not RoC, Chaos, or Reign of Chaos. Just Reign.
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kids are mean
here u go bro:
if you die in hell you die in real life
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
tfw senpai notices you but doesn't care
Do NOT bully Venil!
Finally more poses

no I couldn't have just made poses for her uniform shut up
Do not bully Venil!
I feel like Neroe circa 2011 making all these comics with only one pose per character
Frankly I think Venil is handling this the most realistically of any of them.
Finally Reign's not wearing an outfit designed 9 years ago.
@kwane: >late april fools
>3 weeks later
really makes me think
Fun fact I never made a male version of Venil's school uniform because I'm too lazy? It was originally just made for Venil I swapped her head out for those girls.
@Light-Called-Hope: I don't blame you it's not like it got far.
I read that girl's lines in Chi Chi's voice as I wrote them please help.
Medley was going to wear an oversized shirt here but it kept looking like a short dress no matter what I did so I just said, "fuck it, towel"

Also her Digivice totally looks like a PET from Mega Man because of its color scheme
lmao still in school what a loser