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"It was, in part, a longing--common enough among the inventors of heroes--to be someone else; to be more than the result of two hundred regimens and scenarios and self-improvement campaigns that always ran afoul of his perennial inability to locate an actual self to be improved."

- The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Michael Chabon


I'm a recent college grad, taking a year off from school to write a novel, although I will continue to occasionally update my webcomic. This fall, I'll be starting medical school.

If you're here because you liked Flowers for Sasha, you should check out some of my favorite webcomics on Smack Jeeves!
Sorry, guys! I need to finish my novel by mid-May so I won't be distracted when school starts, but just so you know, I have every intention of finishing this comic. It's just that I hate multi-tasking because it takes my focus away from everything.

So this comic is going on hiatus until I finish my novel, which I hope to publish so I can become famous. Mwahaha. Then updates will resume, and hopefully I'll get to the end of it all before my third year of med school.

Well... the end of the beginning. It will still be the beginning of it all for these two. ;)

Thanks for understanding! I love you all! <3
Aaah, post-coital snuggle... and a strawberry. Thanks for the suggestions on the last page! They're sweating because the sex was just that good. Right. No, they're sweating because I wanted to draw sweat dripping from their faces, but the sex was pretty good.

Where did the strawberry come from? Knowing Alex, he probably pulled it out of his ass. If unicorns shit rainbows, Dr. Brodsky shits strawberries. :3

Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. Sorry for the late upload! Very limited internet access here. ;)
Going on a 2 week hiatus b/c I'll be visiting family in China.

But I still have tomorrow left to make a Valentine's Day picture. Besides, I owe you guys something sexy/romantic for making you wait so long for the lovey dovey stuff.

So tell me what you guys want to see and I'll pick one of your ideas. But tell me soon because I'm going to decide within the next 12 hours!

P.S. It can be vague (e.g. "cupcakes" …although I won't use that one) or really specific; and it can be anything from full-blown sex to innocent hand-holding with a twist. PLEASE GIVE ME IDEAS. Or I'm just going to draw something really lame. Thanks.
@BadBanana: Haha, thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying this so far, and that you like Victor's character. I have a special place in my heart for shy people like him. :)

And yes, Russian sounds soooo sexy! Especially when the speaker gets emotional, hehe.
@ArkanoiR: LOL maybe! Subconsciously. X3
@bluswordgrl: Haha, aww, it's because they love youuu. XD Thank you!
@sam-the-spooky: Lol, I just imagined a diploma sitting in a sack of dirty laundry, unless your diploma really is in your hamper, in which case I don't know what to tell you. :P

Haha, I was enjoying my time more in college, when I actually had friends around all the time. Need to get out more often...

Thanks! <3
And Clarissa returns. One of my favorite pages so far.

EDIT: I LEFT OUT HER BOOBS. This is so sad. Please pretend she's just pressing down on them... really hard.
@squishie-chan: Hehe, thanks! ^^

@Riverside1: Lol, good to know. Thank you!

@catqueen13: I hope he's more adorable on the next page! But I'll let you decide. ;)

@prostock69: Thank you!! <3

@Kieran: Aww, thanks!! <3

@DoubleStroke: Hehe, more to come soon. ;) Thank you!
And that concludes this scene!

The top panel makes more sense if you read page 65 (it follows the flashbacks to the last scene with Dr. Brodsky). Hope you've enjoyed the comic so far.

You'll be seeing teenage Victor again soon! :)
@sam-the-spooky: Aaah! Thanks so much! Good to hear from you, as always. :)
New page! The next page will probably be coming really soon because I'm looking forward to the next few scenes. ;)

Also, the Tumblr page is slowly catching up (I have the remaining pages queued at the moment). Just another way you can watch for updates.

<img src="" border="0">

EDIT: I've been thinking for a while whether I should address this issue or not, but I finally decided it's the responsible thing to do. A year and a half ago, I wrote a fake article for a gay magazine featuring these two characters, and I was very naive to think it is okay for a gay man to pretend to be single in order to adopt internationally. Although gay couples have done this in the past, it is illegal (whether you agree morally or not) and may lead to stricter adoption policies for other couples. I can't change what I wrote, but I no longer support what Alex and Victor did, and neither would they if I had kept them in character.

Any opinions are welcome, although I hope you'll agree with me.
Aaaah! Michael's cute smile in the first panel! You're going to make me ship these two, even though it appears Noah's not gay. Ahem.

I love the supportive friends cheering in the back row and the annoyed director, hehe.
@lazy_kitsune: Oh yes, he's a pervy guy. Aren't they all? ;) Thanks for following, although I haven't found you yet... I'm still trying to figure out how Tumblr works. *feels so old* =_=
@FlyingPencil: Would you tap that? :3
@squishie-chan: Thank you! Yes, Victor is rather silly, isn't he? ;)

@shiekhero: Wow, I'm flattered that you think so well of this comic, and that you've actually been reading the extras! Thanks so much! <333 It really makes all the time I've put into this worthwhile. It's also great to hear that you think this is realistic. If I can make a fairy tale believable, then I guess I'm doing something right. :D

@Catfeather: So glad that this comic can make you smile. Knowing that people enjoy these pages is the reason why this comic is still alive. Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!
Yes, Victor does occasionally have dirty thoughts, as hard as that is to believe… ;)

Enjoy the new page!

EDIT: I've decided to use Tumblr instead of Twitter, which didn't let me post images. Anyway, you can now follow FfS on Tumbler! I will post the new pages as they go up. :)
@ujupingjete: Wow, thanks! I'm so happy to hear you remember this comic even though I don't always update!

@bluswordgrl: Hehe, that's what friends do. ;) I'm happy to see you're still here!

@ewroin: AAAH! YOUUUU! I've missed your lovely presence. <3
@Schmerz: Yay! Glad I can make your day better. ;)

@FlyingPencil: Hehe, lucky you. Welcome aboard and thanks for reading!
@Riverside1: Cool! Are you currently working on any projects? Or is that top secret? ;)