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Name: Ashton Sunseri

Age: 22

About Me: I love drawing and writing COMICS (but I'm probably much better at the DRAWING part). I spend most of my time being an ART STUDENT and sometimes occasionally an ORNERY ART STUDENT. I like to play VIDEO GAMES, read BOOKS and COMICS, watch STUFF, listen to STUFF, draw STUFF, paint STUFF. Mostly just a lot of STUFF.

Most of the STUFF I will post here is from narrative illustration classes I take, so generally my comics are SERIOUS BUSINESS but that doesn't mean we can't ENJOY OURSELVES.
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@The Orange Cow: Thanks! Me too. Right now I'm enjoying a break, since I had to bulldoze through this first part. I should update again soon, I just need a breaaak.

@Dark-Kyo123: Thanks! I am working on making the text better, and trying to go and edit older pages that are hard to read when I can.

@Moni: Thanks you! :hug:
End Part One
End Part 1

I am going to try and come up with an official update schedule now that I won't be doing this for a class anymore. I'm both glad and nervous, because the class has been making me super productive, and now I wont have that. On the plus side, less stress, on the negative side, I hate to self-motivate.

It really helps that I have people reading that like it, makes me want to keep going, so thank you so much! If you have any suggestions after reading through the first part, please comment and let me know what I can do better in the coming pages. I also go back and edit a lot, so if something seems serious enough I may even go back and make changes.

Anyway, thanks! Take care :)
One more page... one more :D :D
Two more pages. And no, he didn't have muscles before... WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?? I tried to make it as obvious as I could, I kinda have a sketchy style so I was worried it would just look like I was tweaking my style. NO this is not the case. ;D It's intentional.
3 more pages till the end of part one. So close... so very close...
@The Orange Cow: Hahaha YES I knowwww.
@dubdubs: I update sporadically but usually about 4 times a week. I don't have a schedule. I'll probably be updating a few times tonight. I just asked about that because I have another comic on smackjeeves which was my first and also much more rushed. It was for my first comic class. Anyway yeah I guess it has gotten better though I'm trying to make it all be the same style the whole way through lol >.< but I'm glad I've improved, This whole comic has been a massive experiment.
@The Orange Cow: Thanks! :D :D
@OliveOil: Thank you! Makes me happy that you think that :33

@dubdubs: Thanks. Though, from what to what? Improved from the beginning of the comic to now? Or improved from my last comic?
Sorry it's so small, but I dont know how to make the file smaller without making the picture smaller. Anyways, this is long overdue. Enjoy.
Ugh. I have a final in 2 hours :( But the good news is I woke up way too early and I did another page! Woo! Lol.
Sorry for the lack of updates this past week. I was on a serious fan art kick and also somehow the stress of finals makes me avoid working instead of... you know... working. Anyway... I did some bitchin' homestuck digital paintings and animated them so if you like those you should check out my DA, otherwise enjoy this page. There will be more later tonight. I'm proud of this page... I've never drawn a group scene before.
I made this page a lot better. So you better LOVE THE SHIT OUT OF IT.
Hey guys! Thanks to those who subscribe to my comic! You guys should comment and let me know what you think. Thanks again for the support!
We made it to page 20! Hooray!
I like this page a lot. One of my favorites to draw.
It's good like sweet bro and hella jeff. So ironically good.
@The Orange Cow: So so true. I drew a Karkat fanart today after I caught up with the story. I couldn't resist.

BUM bum BUM bum BUM bum. I drew this page... like... before that last 6 pages. So I've been waiting forever to post it. (Whisper whisper: I drew it before because it was so darn quick to draw in theory but not in practice but since I was already doing it I didn't stop YOU SEE?!)

Also I just caught up with Homestuck (AMAZING!) if you don't read it then GET YOUR BUT OVER TO MSPAINTADVENTURES.COM AND READ THAT SHIT. JUST STOP LOOKING AT MY COMIC AND GO IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THAT GLORIOUS FLAMING PILE OF MAJESTY. You can come catch up with mine in a week when you're done reading. Don't worry, I wont mind. Really.