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I have learned from the cats I live with to stare at the wall for hours. I also like photography and non-mainstream music.
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    Jim Grady
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December 6th, 2009
My take on the rules
The Gods are Zealots, and very strict parental figures. It all goes back to the concept of original sin. The angels aren't created in innocence, but the gods try to force innocence upon them. There is a "Paradise Lost" reference in this story, but it is very subtle, and, not being able to speak for LoP, I don't know if it is intentional.
December 6th, 2009
Another Rant
I love the voting incentive. This is driving me crazy, you have 700+ fans here, and only four or five vote for Mortifer on TWC on a regular basis. People, wake up, this is one of the best stories and best drawn stories on the web! If only half of the Mortifer fans voted just once a week, this would be in the top twenty, at least. I know, it's tops anyway, but please take a minute and vote. I vote, and I'm on dial up, and it takes three minutes for the page to load. Certainly it wouldn't take any time for someone with a better connection to vote. Done ranting.
November 7th, 2009
At least we know that Joey isn't just another creep--he's a totally insane creep.
Let's see, that's Mortifer, Evil Plan, Sol's stories, and now Sire. I'm never going to get anything done on line besides reading comics.
August 30th, 2009
I just have to say that Mortifer is the first place I go when I can get on line. I am addicted to the art--LoP, you are great at the expressions, as others have pointed out--and the story.
August 22nd, 2009
It really is a horrible time to pop up. Damn having to meet yourself when you're busy with something else.

My internet access is temporarily very limited, so I can't vote every day for Mortifer on Top Web Comics. Maybe someone who hasn't been voting every day could click on the "TWC" icon just under the comic and vote in my place, because I sincerely believe Moritifer really belongs in the top 100, or maybe even the top five. Thank you.
Aren't these scientists the same ones who decided that climate change was something more than a natural cycle? Since the climatic trend switched from warming to cooling two years ago, they haven't come up with an explanation for that, so they decided to study zombies. I guess since General Electric bought themselves a government with one myth, now they are trying to get more government subsidies for their CE Johnson subsidiary, to develop anti-zombie drugs.

I think
August 19th, 2009
Always presenting us with the unexpected is just one reason why we love this comic so.

Another problem with coming face to face with yourself is that you might not like you.
fomalol at the first panel!
August 17th, 2009
Ah, the classic meeting with the self. I almost caught that on the last page, but I wasn't sure. I had already been embarrassed by a faulty guess.

"Hello me, it's me again."
The art work is well worth the wait, and, judging from Sol's other projects, the story development should be as well.
August 15th, 2009
Love this Comic
The parodies and references are just one thing that makes this comic so effing funny.

Damn! Caught up now. I have to wait for the next update just like everyone else.
I love the reference to the late/great Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy."

I admit, I have a terminal case of Hitchhikers Geekiness.
I love the way the minions all resemble one another. It reminds me of the old action/adventure serial featurettes where all the minions were played by the same extra. Great parody.
August 15th, 2009
Okay, I can see that it's not Brandon or Matthew. I just looked too fast the first time. Note to self: make sure to look at picture before commenting. XD

Now I look forward to seeing who it is, and the significance to the story.
If you're doing it, it's gotta be good, and well worth the wait.
August 14th, 2009
Score for you, LoP. I didn't think Kain really killed Brandon/Lucifer, but I expected him to be disabled a little longer. Unless that's Matthew disguised as Brandon, which I do sort of suspect, seeing as how you love to put lots of complex twists in the story.

@ others who enjoy "Mortifer:" "Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space" is not nearly as good as "Mortifer," which has a much better story going. However, if you like Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space that much, you can vote for it on TWC and you will still be able to vote for Mortifer on TWC. Personally, I think Mortifer is a much better comic and story.
August 13th, 2009
Love it. What a teaser! I hurt myself laughing.
Evil Plan is always funny, but this is the funniest page I've seen yet.
I'm with black catz, the bickering between the two should be fun!