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Send Message it weird that while I was reading this first page, I was reading it with a funny little french accent in my head. lol! Anyway, WONDERFUL art!
March 13th, 2010

I love Mika...she's totally my favorite character and I always have tons of fun when I'm writing scenes with her in it.
February 14th, 2010

Daniel = pwned
February 6th, 2010
I didn't notice that either. Even when I saw the buffer. >_< Boo for my bad eyes.

Anywho, Rurik and I greatly appreciate your comments! I hope you all continue to support us. ^_^
January 31st, 2010
Ah, yes...there she is.
January 28th, 2010
She appears! And the early update was a pleasant surprise. WEEEE!
January 25th, 2010
Bwuahaha at her face in the top-right panel! Love the sudden mood change in general...and the look on Dan's face. XDDD *skips off* lalala...

*applauds Rurik*
I don't know if I've told you this, but I really do love your art. There would be no comic without you. *iamnotworthy*

Please worship and comment her. She works so hard. Hehehe!
October 31st, 2009
Woohoo! Finally! And REALLY begins. >:D
October 26th, 2009
How DO you draw an airport? I only have a vague idea from movies that I watch. XD But still...beautiful as always!
August 31st, 2009
It's the start of something new...I mean, ahem...

Why hallo thar!

Just wanted to properly introduce myself. As the lovely lady above me has already stated, I, WaterFae, am indeed the writer for the story and Rurik is my knightress in shining armor for taking up this project with me. Worship her. XD

Anywaiz...Hope you enjoy this!

P.S. Thanks Kris. I have this new-found love for the color orange. ^o^ cute! I love your style. It's simple, yet very cute. Like a real shoujo manga cover. the tagalog songs you have up. ^_^ But I had a feeling you were filipina when I read the comics profile. Nyehehehe... gotta update! lol...anyway, new fan here. :P