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I really like to draw, although I suck, and make short videos.
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Your art style is so great for comics.
Fun Stuff
I suggest you play Pokemon Lost Silver Hidden. All that in the title because it's the better one.

Also I've come to love your floating head, it's part of your charm.
Your life gets more and more dull :)
>Victory explosions!
Summon a giant pussy to distract the giant dick and run like hell! Victory cigarette.
Well I got on and saw you and after I read I yelled out holy shit he's not dead!

And then stuff happened...and yeah...
You can always come live with me Jon.
Jon you are a badass.
Blitz the comic is magic with you in it :3
A Blitz comic!?
It's like a dream come true *dies*
I watched it Jon. You're sillay.
My internet died. God rest it's soul...
Jon guess who's back and overwhelmed with your life?
Roadtrip all the way to NC. You can hang out with me and make youtube videos for my channel. That'll get your mind off things!
Good, now if you drew my boobs how they're supposed to be there would be no problems.
Excellent my body is stuck in nocturnal. O_O
NPH for the win.
Nah too far would be saying trash it all and punt the babies off of a roof.
Keep the golf clubs but replace the lemons with babies.
I'm a banana. BEEP BEEP!