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RIP Zero he got curb stumped.
this is more of an autobiography than a comic. this all really happened to me.

there it is. fun fact, you can arrange the letters of the file name to make qrobz-zk.

alternate news, boter got involved in a fight and lost his authorship. I'll be granting it back to him shortly, so if you have a sense of dread, that's why.
2 years isn't too long considering i actually laid out each individual pixel, one by one, just for this issue.
letzerg hi

i know you missed me. i'm sorry i forgot.

since everyone else is already critiquing your story arc and characters i need to choose something else.

why do you still not have a banner

and why is there a link to fancypants 2

i made this too


lambsperg you're an atheist and this is an elaborate seven year hoax right
lugzbruges when do you crucify your fursona for all your comic sins
why do you even have frames when text covers literally more that half the frame

just write some fanfic on deviantart or something

also your attempt at a proverb here is half assed and makes no sense
ugh the text blur makes me sick

and that ugly gradient is horrifying

why dont you just get photoshop

the older versions are free
k so you linked me here

good job

it makes no sense


i made this

panel 1 has weird lighting


etc etc
lugzbzurg is truly the last prophet of our times
bulzburger doesnt even know what allah is
BoyueF wants your love
wait so by ignoring us you are being mean? jugzbzurgles jesus would never be mean i think i have to revoke your jesusing license
wait lugzjesus is still recruiting apostles didnt you start this arc like three years ago
please dont im saving my virginity for jugbzurg
lugzbzurgles which one of the shyguy's are me and what if you can't forgive my sins i dont think you are an ordained minister or jesus