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Green Mario
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popular demand
i demanded this to become a HGSS comic -_-
see sketches and outtakes on patreon as well as early updates
don't forget to pledge on my patreon if you want to see early sketches, deleted scenes, and fake horoscopes... and if you want to see how those two FF employees save those poor lobsters on the ground! i will make a spin off for them if i get enough of a following on patreon!!
thank you for reading! my webcomic!
On hitting 5 supporters, I will make a spin-off of this where we get to see what happens to those lobsters...
i got a patreon
pledge a dollar monthly to see behind the scenes art every tuesday
pledge ten dollars and ill give you a lemon
Also... that green dude I doubt he will get a name reveal, I've been calling him Lucky's Evil Twin... or Walucky...
Updates this month may be sporatic since I am moving!
sometimes you’ll see letters on the ground and if you’re like julia you’ll be curious of the meaning... F on it’s own is a pretty funny letter, and more letters could be come kind of art. but instead it’s just a barren concrete slab
oh by the way
wole foods sponser me please uwu $
ooh... Tereza i wonder if she gets roped into coming with Karin... Karin is so cute looking
old habits! wednesday :)
So what do you think
Ooh ooh new program that took me two weeks to make this page on and I . Colored it... in a way. Eh? Eh? So? I'm thinking of changing the updates 2 Tuesdays and/or Saturdays. but what time of day on Tuesdays, huh?
I have a "october episode" planned so I better... get on that so I can publish it during October (this current month as of writing this) I'll probably inturrupt this kombucha episode for that. I think I could spin that like I did it on purpose.
Source of meme :
thank-you for your patience... We are back! You know what they say about comics "this thing will never be done at THIS pace!" I'm actually on vacation right now (the marvels of queueing internet content) but I'm not on vacation from this comic anymore
This scene with Julia and Lucky sitting on the curb is the first bit I wrote for this story
i've been thinking about this comic all day it's so compelling. kuro is cool. love it
Also, this is the end of this episode, now it's time for a really long commercial break?
Omg! Perfect comedic timing
Trees... a pioneer statue... and college!
I will be frank here, some of the settings in this comic are based on real settings, except with different names, skewed geography, and furries and stuff. Just because I think it's funny. This is my love song to a city I visited like five times. (However, I can't read musical notes so I just winged it.)
Sorry updates have been stilted. The next page is the last page of this episode.
I've updated the art in this page and the fourth page.