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Charley The Fox
I can't believe I returned to this shit.
I guess everyone has their own opinion.
Wonderful execution as usual, TimeSceo.
Now I’ve seen everything.
@Shard: Do you have some sort of hatred towards SAZ? Up until now I would’ve believed you enjoyed your involvement, it is a shitposting comic afterall, so this sudden aggression seems petty as you could be revived literally at any time based on the nature of the comic.

Just my two cents, nice update DarkScarz.
@Shard: Hope so. Also hope no LGBTs attack me for misgendering your character.
The drawn on eyes on the purple character bother me, his nose should have some sort of shape covering the bottom of the eyes due to the angle.
@Brawlitup99: Thank Punchy, I came because I liked his style in other comics, though the rest of this comic.. intrigues me.
Amazing update.

I'd hold onto this guy, he makes some of the best comics for this comic. Though here are some of my critiques:

1. It shouldnt be called "8 bit" if half the comic is drawn.

2. In fact, in a general sense, due to the tone of the comic, "Author" shouldn't even be in the name, nor should tournament (it's a tired trope here on SJ to have tournament in the name) and restricts the overall premise of the comic to ONLY a tournament. If you plan on ending the comic right after, that's fine but it doesn't give readers any twists or ongoing conflict to look forward to due to this formula. In my opinion, it should be able to have a cast that can be put into several different plots and situations.

3. Just my opinion, but I would rename the comic, if you want it to still be seen as a collab, then just keep the accepting author applications part there but otherwise I dislike the name, for reasons stated above.
.... That is a gun.
... Why does his shirt say dildos?