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Would love some tea, thanks <3
...wasn't there a chuck norris joke about crying? D:

I'm going to throw my ideas out there X3
I can't help but think "what does Atty's happy place look like?" XDD
WOAH WAIT. YOU HAVE A DA ACCOUNT? o3o Why don't I know anything anymore ;A;

I would be sad if Atty died ;A; I mean, sure he's kind of a jerk and sure he practically abused DT but I think I've grown a soft spot for him Cx

I think I know exactly who that is *w* Unless its like, the Burger King or something.... then I'm completely wrong.
I guess here's a positive way for DT to look at it; he said "let us go" and not "I'm going" 8D AmIRite?

Your characters are so awesome ;A; Their distinct personalities and the way DT loves Atty (even though Atty doesn't care) is so awesome and cute ;w; This comic is so addicting~! Keep up the great work! 8D
that... caught me off guard XDD

my dog doesn't have any back legs... red's grandpa just made me think of my dog XD but my dog has front legs so he butt scoots to get around. IDK I just can picture red's grandpa doing that. I'm strange IDK IDK XD;;
Hey look a house!
ugh i was sick for a while :c
I didn't eat for days DX
But now Im feeling better and eatting everything in sight o3o

I hope you get to feeling better than ever, Fluffy! D:
Your comics are all awesome by the way! ;3;
shes so cute oAo
Proooomise? ;n;
December 31st, 2009
You're my hero oAo
Viol you are my hero D,:
I want his belt D:<

oh woah that sounded dirty
You're just too cool for pup :B
November 29th, 2009
Hmmm... so THAT'S how you beat a rock pokemon with fire. I was doing it all wrong Dx
November 29th, 2009
Blue is beautiful o3o
November 26th, 2009
is that fire vs rock *wiggly eyebrows*
oh ho ho owo
November 26th, 2009
I thought it was a mustache too ;o
Funny though <3 I love whatever style you use, Fluffy 8)
Yep I was right
TOTAL love connection ;D
That's how I look at the guys I like ;3