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nyaa~~i really dont have any webcomics just a fan of yours :P

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@A v e r y @RyokoWatase: yessssss more Kuro#2/Chris shippers~~~~ let's make this happen!!! and i still can't find what those twins' names are -___-""
@Lady Hio: YES!!! someone else who ships Chris with this twin! (i forgot his name lol XD)
@WHUTNANI Author-san, please let these two be togetherrrrrrr TT u TT)
totally off-topic but I'm all for CSP/Chris getting one of the twins, preferably the one who's not a flirt (i dunno, i guess they'd complement each other :P) hehehehe  ̄ ω  ̄)〜
and yes, @MegaAnimeFreak7 's comment just says it all haha
That 2nd panel! Thumbs up for the art~~the shading, toning, art style, all great! :3
Love the improved art style since page 519 (: Keep up the awesomeness! :D
March 16th, 2014
Tomoya just wants to be the one on top - w -) *hopes so~~lol* there's just something really fulfilling seeing Yuki be the bottom XD
Gheiness aside, i do agree with the veiws of @blupo and @keysha but i agree with @xNillx too ^ ^
wewhew! :D (just in case, that was an exaggerated "woohoo!")
i still call atsushi as the top/seme!! >:D
June 16th, 2012
there's so much 'unresolved tension' between boris and matias!! > , <
teo and boris are cute together though :3 they're Korean? they're all pretty tanned for Koreans though hehe Koreans are pretty porcelain-white most of the time :P

unless I'm wrong with them being Korean, then...yeah.. :D
May 10th, 2012
imagination's free sooo yeah, yuki, not stopping you even if your imagination might be a tad far from reality ;D we all know one day, tomoya's going to top yuki anyway haha
hehe i'm loving this black kitty person ♥
he's totally getting laid with that dorkiness XD
March 26th, 2012
i doubt it's a dream or fantasy..more like REMINISCING ;D
lol smexy eggyplants X3 they shine for the fairly preoccupied captain nyahaha
still though..i'm a diesel x coco shippy XD
@xfadead: RESEMBLE but doesn't really have to look like their characters ;) just so happens naoto pretty much looks like his character but with different hair color :)
and yeah, 21's not old haha better yet, no guy's ever old for wet dreams lol
but please let Takeshi be uke~pleasepleaseplease >//o//<
he'd be pretty making uke faces at silly Atsushi all day > u <
fuckyeah! >:D
are you not a professional manga artist?? *o* your style,the tones,inking and everything is awesome! :D
btw,what's your native language?your english is kinda off hehe ^^;;
aiwanmooooaaarrrrr!!! (* A *)
it's so cute that they all have red noses :3
btw, what's that kuro said in the last panel after he was bonked on the head by hideki??
aww yeah, for all the world to hear black kitty dude lol
i hope you're alright!! > . <