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Je mange un sandwich pour le petit dejeuner. J'aime le gateu au fromage. :)
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the last panel!
i'm melting~ <3
congrats on your two years!
that's a really awesome calendar! 8D
DT just got trolled. Hard.

Will it be... a late night booty call? :'D
I'd totally do that. Yes I would.

I'm glad you're picking this up.
November 17th, 2010
If i look at it upside-down, Vanilla looks like a DBZ character. :D
Hahaha, i like the guy on the left. It looks as if he's never seen an asian before.
October 31st, 2010
I couldn't stop laughing after reading both yours and Hobie's story.
i was going to say dora. but i highly doubt it's her. more hints? :D
September 23rd, 2010

Is it just me or does bastardface look a whole lot more threatening/awesome?
We missed you. <3
haha, this is one of my favorites. i like how you drew the bear. :D
This was just amazing. I could feel the emotions and everything. I didn't feel like ccommenting anymore because it felt almost intrusive. The way you used your art to help the storyline come across was brilliant.

My respect for you has gone up by so much.
My favorite page. :)
best way to let out frustration.
i love how this is all like, "POW, IN YOUR FACE"
What are they all doing? Just standing there, holding those balls, pfft. ATTACK.
You updateeed~ I love all your characters and i love you. <3
I recently found this comic and it's pure of awesomeness. I sure do hope you'll come back at some point to continue it. :)
He's just staring at his wrist intently.
Pfft, Don is my fave from YOTT.
I swear, I feel like i'm looking for Waldo. Everyone looks like aaaants. I like the girl with freckless. :)