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b-but i didn't get an e-mail :(
lmao, luv it XD
zomgosh..flippin finally!!! i'm sooo bussyyyyy! i won't even bother to set up specific dates anymore. i update when i update, that's all i gots ta say. Hopefully with summer coming sooner then later, i'll update much more, so watch out for that. I wanted to do a valentines day filler butt...eehhhh oh well. lol peaces! hope you enjoy.
lmfao "oh gosh-beans" lmfao!! so funnyyyy...where does it even come from?!
lol thanks! yeah, i'm not too worried, i guess if i were them i'd grow impatient with myself anyway XP, but just a heads up, i plan to put up a christmas filler today and tomorrow then next strip so look out for that!
eh heh.... ._.;
eh?!?! mean "GIRLS" T_T i THAT bad?? *sniffle*
OOOOOOOOOooooooo snap! not being himself..wonder whyyy...gwhahahaa...
hey hey! niether do i :)
ah! i would, but for some reason my scanner doesn't wanna work for meeee *sobs and hyperentalates under the pressure* x.x koed...
December 18th, 2007
waahh!! lovezz all around! *fav!*
uhmm..absolutely nothing...hehe
yeah, she's suppose to look like that, because it's part of her'lll seeeeeee.......

and i did reply >< wuts goin onnnnn
Side story comment
ok here we gooo!! so this is the cover to the small side story i have instore before going onto chapter 2. please enjoy! even did the whole background myself! well...the dots are a painbrush tool...but most of it was pretty OG hehe.

Now, can you guess who the people are on this cover? i'll let you know on the first strip! anyways i hope you like it! please stay tuned.

lol, well i got it this time! and i replied! so, check yo e-mail foo.
hi hi!! replied?? lol i did! unless u e-mailed me back and i never got it?? anyways, i replied, lol i've actually been waiting for you to e-mail me.
awww!! pookieee!!! whatta cutie head :P
finally i'm aliiiive! yeah, this filler is so late...i know lol. but i'm still proud cuz it's my first filler and i don't think i bad hehe. actually it looks pretty darn gewd. anyways happy belated halloween guys!

sorry i couldn't post anything earlier, i had this whole halloween party i was planning, but now it is over
and update will hopefully resume more often. :) i'm thinking i will try to put something up every wedsday at least, and possibly friday. but we'll see how it goooeesss.

this is Satoshi greeting you with a happy halloween in this picture.